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体に, ぜんたいに
体に, どうたいに
as one, together
体に, いったいに
Adverb, See 一体・5
generally, in general
体に障る, からだにさわる
Expression, Godan verb
to be bad for health, to affect one's health
ありていに, 有り体に, 有体に
Adverb, Usually in kana
as it is, frankly
体に悪い, 身体に悪い, からだにわるい
bad for one's health, harmful to one's health, damaging to one's health, unhealthy
体に浸す, えきたいにひたす
Expression, Godan verb
to dunk (e.g. food in a drink), to dip
体によく合う, 体に良く合う, からだによくあう
Expression, Godan verb
1. to fit well (e.g. clothes)
2. to be good for one's health
体に浸ける, 液体に漬ける, 液体につける, えきたいにつける
Expression, Ichidan verb
to dunk (e.g. food in a drink)
健全なる精神は健全なる身体に宿る, けんぜんなるせいしんはけんぜんなるしんたいにやどる
Expression, Godan verb, Proverb
a sound mind is in a sound body, mens sana in corpore sano