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体が強い, からだがつよい
in good shape, strongly built, in good health, having a strong constitution
体が弱い, からだがよわい
frail, having a weak constitution, being in poor health
体が空く, からだがあく, からだがすく
Expression, Godan verb, Idiomatic expression
to become free, to get time off
体が資本, 身体が資本, からだがしほん
Expression, Proverb
health is wealth, health is your most valuable asset
体が休まる, からだがやすまる
Expression, Godan verb
to be (feel) rested
体がもたない, 体が持たない, からだがもたない
Expression, See 身が持たない・1
unable to stay healthy, ruining one's health, exceeding the limits of one's body
体が知れない, えたいがしれない
Expression, See 得体の知れない
1. strange, unfamiliar, mysterious, suspicious
See 得体
2. not knowing the true nature
子宮体癌, 子宮体が, 子宮体ガン, しきゅうたいがん
Medicine term
cancer of the uterine body