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代わり, 替わり, 代り, 替り, かわり
May take 'no'
1. substitute, replacement, substituting, replacing
2. stand-in, proxy, alternate, deputy, relief, successor
See 代わりに・2, usu. as 〜代わりに, etc.
3. compensation, exchange, return
See お代わり・おかわり・1, usu. as お代わり
4. another helping, second helping, seconds, refill
See 替わり狂言, Abbreviation, esp. 替わり, 替り
5. upcoming program, upcoming programme
代わり, 替わり, 代り, 替り, がわり
substitute for ...
替わる, 代わる, 換わる, 替る, 代る, 換る, かわる
Conjugated: 代わり
Godan verb, Intransitive, esp. 替わる, 替る
1. to succeed, to relieve, to replace
esp. 代わる, 代る
2. to take the place of, to substitute for, to take over for, to represent, to hand over (telephone)
esp. 換わる, 換る
3. to be exchanged, to change (places with), to switch
代わり, 肩がわり, 肩代り, 肩替り, 肩替わり, かたがわり
Takes suru
taking over another's debt, shouldering someone else's burden, subrogation
おかわり, お代わり, お替り, お替わり, 御代わり, お代り, 御代り
Takes suru, See 代わり・かわり・4
1. another helping, second helping, seconds, refill
Interjection, See お手・おて・3, Usually in kana
2. command to have dog place its second paw in one's hand
代わり, 身代り, 身替わり, 身替り, みがわり
substitution (for someone else), substitute, stand-in, scapegoat, sacrifice
代わり, 代りに, かわりに
Expression, See 代わり・1
1. instead of, in place of, as a substitute for
See 代わり・3
2. in exchange for, in return for, to make up for
代わり映え, 変わり映え, 変わりばえ, 変わり栄え, 代わり栄え, 代り栄え, かわりばえ
Takes suru, usu. in the negative
1. successful substitution
2. change for the better
その代わり, その代り, そのかわり
instead, but (on the other hand)
代わり番こ, 代わりばんこ, 代り番こ, かわりばんこ
usu. adverbially as 代わり番こに
alternating, taking turns
代わり合う, 代り合う, かわりあう
Godan verb, Intransitive
to relieve each other, to take turns (to do)
手札代わり, 手札代り, てふだがわり
Humble, Obscure term
giving a gift
挨拶代わり, 挨拶がわり, あいさつ代わり, あいさつがわり
substitute for a proper greeting (e.g. gift)
代わり, 親代り, おやがわり
(one acting as a) foster parent
代わり代わり, 代り代り, かわりがわり
alternately, in turn, one after the other
代わりになる, 代わりに成る, かわりになる
Expression, Godan verb
to substitute for, to stand in for, to fill in for
代わり, 代り番, かわりばん
usu. adverbially as 代わり番に
alternating, taking turns
入れ代わり立ち代わり, 入れ替わり立ち替わり, いれかわりたちかわり
by turns
入れ替わり, 入れ代わり, 入れ替り, 入れ代り, いれかわり
substitution, replacement, shifting, change
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