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つけ, 付け, 附け, ツケ
1. bill, bill of sale, payment invoice
2. tab (for later payment), credit
Usually in kana
3. contact move (in go), direct attack to an enemy stone
4. sound effect produced by striking with clappers a wooden board in kabuki
5. letter
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付け, づけ
Noun, used as a suffix, Prefix, Suffix
dated, date, fixed, external
つける, 付け, 着ける, 附ける
Ichidan verb, Transitive, Usually in kana
1. to attach, to join, to add, to append, to affix, to stick, to glue, to fasten, to sew on, to apply (ointment)
2. to furnish (a house with)
3. to wear, to put on
4. to keep a diary, to make an entry
5. to appraise, to set (a price)
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付く, つく
Conjugated: 付け
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to be attached, to be connected with, to adhere, to stick, to cling
2. to remain imprinted, to scar, to stain, to dye
3. to bear (fruit, interest, etc.)
4. to be acquired (of a habit, ability, etc.), to increase (of strength, etc.)
5. to take root
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付く, づく
Conjugated: 付け
Suffix, Godan verb, See 付く・つく・14
to become (a state, condition, etc.)
付け, 名づける, なづける
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to name, to call, to christen, to term
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付け, 片づける, かたづける
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to tidy up, to put in order, to straighten up, to put away
2. to settle (problem), to clear (dispute)
3. to finish, to bring something to an end
sometimes 嫁ける
4. to marry off (e.g. a daughter)
5. to do away with someone, to bump someone off
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付け, 外付, そとづけ
May take 'no', Takes suru, Computer terminology
external (hard drive, etc.)
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貼り付け, 貼付け, 貼りつける, 張り付け, 張りつける, 張付け, はりつける
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to paste, to stick, to affix
2. to station, to post
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取り付け, 取りつける, 取付け, とりつける
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to furnish, to install
2. to get someone's agreement
3. to patronize, to buy usually from the same store
付け, 裏づける, うらづける
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to support (a theory, claim, etc.), to back up, to substantiate, to prove
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受け付け, 受けつける, 受付け, うけつける
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to accept, to receive (an application), to take up
usu. in the negative
2. to (be able to) take (food, medicine, etc.), to bear, to tolerate, to endure
3. to be affected by, to take damage from
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位置付け, 位置づける, いちづける, いちずける
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to place (in relation to the whole), to rank, to position, to locate
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付け加える, つけ加える, 付加える, 付けくわえる, 附加える, 附け加える, つけくわえる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to add (one thing to another), to add (a few more words, an explanation, etc.)
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義務付け, 義務づける, ぎむづける
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to obligate, to make compulsory, to require, to mandate
押し付け, 押しつける, 押付け, おしつける
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to press against, to push against, to force against
2. to foist on (task, responsibility), to impose (one's will)
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付け, 裏づけ, 裏付, うらづけ
support (e.g. for an argument), backing, proof, evidence, corroboration, substantiation, guarantee, security
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結び付け, 結びつける, むすびつける
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to combine, to join, to tie on, to attach with a knot, to bind (e.g. an address)
気をつける, 気を付け, きをつける
Expression, Ichidan verb
to be careful, to pay attention, to take care
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身につける, 身に付け, 身に着ける, みにつける
Expression, Ichidan verb
1. to learn, to acquire knowledge
2. to carry, to wear (clothes, etc.), to put on
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突き付け, 突きつける, つきつける
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to thrust before, to thrust at
買い付け, 買付け, 買付, 買いつけ, かいつけ
buying, purchasing
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取り付け, 取付け, 取付, とりつけ
1. installation, mounting, furnishing, fitting
2. run (on a bank), bank run
付け, 味着け, 味つけ, あじつけ
Takes suru, Food term
seasoning, flavour, flavor
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位置付け, 位置づけ, いちづけ, いちつけ
placement, fixed position, mapping out, location
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ぶつける, 打付け, 打っ付け, ぶっつける, ぶちつける
Ichidan verb, Transitive, Usually in kana
1. to hit (e.g. one's head), to strike, to crash into
2. to throw (e.g. a ball, a question, a demand)
3. to express, to vent (e.g. one's anger)
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くっつける, くっ付け, くっ着ける, 食っ付け
Ichidan verb, Usually in kana
1. to attach, to stick together, to paste, to glue
2. to place together, to put side-by-side
3. to make someone get married, to get someone hitched
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貸し付け, 貸付け, 貸しつける, かしつける
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to lend, to loan
駆け付け三杯, かけつけさんばい
three cups of sake which latecomers to a party are made to drink
付け, かくづけ, かくずけ
Takes suru
rating, classification, allocation, grading
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付け, 作付, さくづけ, さくつけ
Takes suru
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振り付け, 振付け, 振付, ふりつけ
Takes suru
choreography, dance composition, dance coaching
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付け, つけ根, 付根, 附根, 附け根, つけね
root, joint, base, crotch
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印象付け, 印象づける, いんしょうづける
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to impress (someone)
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