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他人の空似, 他人のそら似, たにんのそらに
accidental resemblance
親の欲目と他人の僻目, おやのよくめとたにんのひがめ
Expression, See 親の欲目・おやのよくめ, Proverb
parents overvaluing their own children but looking down on others'
他人のふんどしで相撲を取る, 他人の褌で相撲を取る, たにんのふんどしですもうをとる
Expression, Godan verb, See 人のふんどしで相撲を取る・ひとのふんどしですもうをとる
to profit at someone else's expense, to rob Peter to pay Paul, to take risks with other people's money