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ほか, , 外
May take 'no'
1. other (place, thing, person), the rest
Usually in kana, esp. 外
2. outside, beyond
Adverbial noun, See ほかない, as 〜ほか〜ない, usu. after より or the dictionary form of a verb
3. nothing except, nothing but, nothing apart from, nothing aside from, no choice (but to)
often as ほかに
4. besides..., in addition to...
, た
Adverbial noun, May take 'no'
other (esp. people and abstract matters)
, たにん, ひと, あだびと
See 人・ひと・6
1. another person, other people, others
Only たにん
2. unrelated person (i.e. not related by blood)
3. outsider, stranger
その, その外, 其の, 其の外, そのほか, そのた
Expression, May take 'no', そのた is the more common reading when written
1. the rest, the others
Adverbial noun
2. in addition (to that), besides that, other than that, and other ...
3. and so forth, and the like, and what have you, et cetera
, 外に, ほかに
in addition, besides
ほかにも, にも
Expression, Usually in kana
furthermore, even more
競合, きょうごうたしゃ
competing companies, rival companies
, たこく
Takes suru, See 自国
1. foreign country, other country
2. another province
3. strange land, alien land
, たほう
May take 'no'
1. one (esp. of two), the other, one way, the other way, one direction, the other direction, one side, the other side, one party, the other party
Conjunction, See 一方・いっぽう・2
2. on the other hand
, たしゃ
another company, other company
, たしゃ
another person, others
主義, はいたしゅぎ
May take 'no'
exclusivism, exclusionism
, たは
the other group
, たかい
1. death, the next world
Takes suru
2. to pass away, to die
, はいた
, たさつ
See 自殺
, じた
1. oneself and others, (in philosophy) subject and object
See 自動詞, See 他動詞, Linguistics terminology
2. transitivity, transitive and intransitive verbs
See 自称・3, See 他称, Obscure term
3. first person and third person
See 自力・2, See 他力・2, Buddhist term
4. self-salvation and salvation by faith
人様, 人様, 人さま, ひとさま
other people, others
人行儀, たにんぎょうぎ
NA-adjective, yojijukugo
standing on formality, in a reserved manner, treating a friend as a stranger, unduly distant, formal
, たあい
, たけん
another prefecture, other prefectures
, たこう, たぎょう
Only たこう
1. another bank, other bank
Takes suru, usu. たぎょう
2. absence from home, going out
, たざん
another mountain, another temple
, たしゅつ
Takes suru
going out
, たしょう
Linguistics terminology
third person
, たしん
other intention, secret purpose, ulterior motive, ill will, fickleness, double-mindedness
, たせい
another surname
, たしょう
previous existence, future existence, transmigration
, たそん
another village
, たねん
Adverbial noun, Temporal noun (jisoumeishi)
some other year, some day
, たねん
thinking about something else
, たぶつ
another thing, other things, another man's property
, たぶん
, たりょう
another fief
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