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仕事, しごと
Takes suru
work, job, labor, labour, business, task, assignment, occupation, employment
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仕事, しごとちゅう
May take 'no'
at work, in the midst of work, working
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仕事始め, 仕事, しごとはじめ
resuming work after the New Year's vacation, first time that one works in the year
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仕事, しごとば
place where one works, construction site, working area
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仕事, てしごと
handwork, handcraft, manual labor, manual labour, working with one's hands
仕事, はりしごと
Takes suru
needlework, sewing
仕事, しごとがら
for work, in a manner related to work
仕事, ちからしごと
physical work, manual labour (labor)
仕事, しごとだい
workbench, work table
仕事, しごとぎ
work clothes, business suit
仕事, しごとび
work day
仕事, しごとばこ
仕事, でしごと
outside work
仕事, にわしごと
仕事, よしごと
night work
仕事, ほねしごと
backbreaking work
仕事, ちんしごと
仕事, しごとりょう
(one's) workload, amount of work (to be) done by one
仕事, おおしごと
big job, great task
仕事, しごとぐち
work opening, work position
仕事, しごとうん
one's fate (fortune) as concerns business
仕事, わらしごと
Takes suru
making things out of straw (winter work for farmers)
仕事, はたしごと, はたけしごと
Takes suru
working in the fields, working on a farm
仕事, しごとにん
professional, person good at a particular job, person who does their job without mistakes
仕事, しごとかん
(one's) view on work, (one's) opinion on work-life balance
仕事, しごとづくえ
office desk, work desk
仕事, しごとりつ
Physics terminology
仕事, はつしごと
1. first day returning to work after the New Years holiday
2. first task at a new job, newcomer's first job
仕事, 仕事, しごとうた
See 労働歌
work song
仕事, やましごと
1. forestry, lumbering, timbering
2. work done in the mountains
仕事部屋, しごとべや
殿様仕事, とのさましごと
amateur work (in art), work done in carefree mood without regard to time or expenses
野良仕事, のらしごと
farm work, field labour, field labor