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今のうち, 今の, いまのうち
Expression, usu. ~に
now (while the time is ripe), while one still can
今の時代, いまのじだい
modern times, the modern age, this day and age
今のなし, 今の無し, 今のナシ, いまのなし, いまのナシ
Expression, Colloquialism
forget it, forget what I just said, scratch that, check that
今のまま, 今の, いまのまま
the way things are now, current condition
今のところ, 今の, いまのところ
Expression, Adverb
at present, currently, so far, for now, for the time being
今の今まで, いまのいままで
Expression, See 今が今まで・いまがいままで
till just now