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人生, じんせい
(human) life (i.e. conception to death)
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人生, じんせいかん
view of life
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人生, じんせいは
人生, ぜんじんせい
the whole life
人生, ろうにんせい
See 浪人・2
student waiting for another chance to enter university after having failed the yearly entrance examination
人生, じんせいろん
one's world view, one's view of life, essay on life
人生, じんせいはつ
May take 'no'
(for the) first time in one's life
人生, ぐんじんせいかつ
military life
人生記録, じんせいきろく
human document
人生最悪, じんせいさいあく
May take 'no'
worst ... of one's life
人生哲学, じんせいてつがく
philosophy of life
人生航路, じんせいこうろ
the path of one's life
人生の春, じんせいのはる
the flower (prime) of youth, the spring of life
土俵人生, どひょうじんせい
Sumo term
wrestler's active career
人生行路, じんせいこうろ
journey of life
人生朝露, じんせいちょうろ
Expression, yojijukugo
Man's life vanishes like a dew, A person's life is as fleeting as a morning dew
人生模様, じんせいもよう
facets (aspects) of (human) life, the pattern of (one's) life
人生相談, じんせいそうだん
counselling service (counseling), life matters advice service
人生最良, じんせいさいりょう
May take 'no', Antonym: 人生最悪
best ... of one's life
人生設計, じんせいせっけい
Takes suru
life plan, plan for one's life, planning one's life
人生案内欄, じんせいあんないらん
personal-question column
人生相談欄, じんせいそうだんらん
advice column, agony aunt column
人生オワタ, じんせいオワタ
Expression, See オワタ, Internet slang
(my) life is over
人生の先輩, じんせいのせんぱい
older person with more life experience
人生行路難し, じんせいこうろかたし
Expression, Proverb
life is not easy, life is hard
人生一度きり, 人生一度切り, じんせいいちどきり
Expression, Proverb
you only live once, you only have one life
人生の真っ盛り, じんせいのまっさかり
prime of life, noontide of life
人生意気に感ず, じんせいいきにかんず
Expression, Proverb
heart is won by heart
人生僅か五十年, じんせいわずかごじゅうねん
Expression, Proverb
life is short, life is just fifty years
人生のための芸術, じんせいのためのげいじゅつ
art for life's sake, l'art pour la vie
芸術は長く人生は短し, げいじゅつはながくじんせいはみじかし
Expression, Proverb
art is long, life is short, ars longa, vita brevis