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ひと, , ヒト
1. man, person
2. human being, mankind, people
Usually in kana
3. human (Homo sapiens), humans as a species
4. character, personality
5. man of talent, true man
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, じん
Suffix, indicates nationality, race, origin, etc.
1. -ian (e.g. Italian), -ite (e.g. Tokyoite)
indicates expertise (in a certain field)
2. -er (e.g. performer, etc.), person working with ...
usu. in compound words
3. man, people
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, と
, にん
counter for people
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破断, はだん
Takes suru
rupture, break, fracture
破談, はだん
breaking off (an engagement, negotiations, etc.), cancellation
, だん
body, group, party, company, troupe
, だん
1. step, stair, (flight of) steps, (row of) stitches, columns (of print)
2. grade, rank, level
3. counter for breaks in written language (or speech, etc.)
See 級・きゅう・2
4. dan, senior rank in martial arts, go, shogi, etc.
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, だん
Counter, esp. as 第〜弾, e.g. 第2弾
1. counter for parts, stages, installments, etc. (of a story, series, project, campaign, etc.)
2. counter for bullets
, だん
decision, judgment, resolution
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, だん
Noun, used as a suffix
talk, story, conversation
, だん
1. platform, podium, rostrum, pulpit
2. (ceremonial) mound
Noun, used as a suffix
3. world (of haiku, art, etc.), (literary) circles
4. mandala
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, 煖, だん
warming, warmth
, だん
Antonym: 女・じょ・1, Obscure term
1. son
See 男爵・1, Abbreviation
2. baron
3. man, male
ダン, だん
Only ダン, Expression
1. done
Suffix, Internet slang, esp. だん; on Twitter
2. just done, just finished