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人の, ひとのこ
1. (someone's) child, person with parents, (also) human, born human
2. other people's children
3. the Son of Man, Christ
人の, ひとのかね
other people's money
人の, ひとのくち
Expression, See 人の口には戸が立てられない
what people say, rumours, public opinion
人の, ひとのみち
Expression, usu. as 人の道を外れる, 人の道に反する, etc.
moral way of life, correct path, moral principles
人の, ひとのつね
human nature
人のいい, 人の良い, 人のよい, ひとのいい, ひとのよい
of good character, kindhearted, good-natured
人の, せいじんのひ
Coming of Age Day (national holiday; second Monday in January), Adult's Day
人の, むじんのきょう, むにんのきょう
uninhabited region
たびびとのき, 旅人の, タビビトノキ
Usually in kana
traveller's tree (Ravenala madagascariensis), traveller's palm
人の, びじんのゆ
hot spring (or bath) which is good for the skin
人の空似, 他人のそら似, たにんのそらに
accidental resemblance
人の寝言, とうじんのねごと
人の事情, オトナの事情, おとなのじじょう
Expression, used when the actual reason for something cannot be disclosed
certain reasons, certain circumstances, professional constraints, adult matters
人の対応, おとなのたいおう
handling things like an adult, behaving like a mature grown-up
人の昼寝, ぬすびとのひるね
Expression, Proverb
there's a reason behind every action, a burglar's midday nap (is taken so that he can rob people's houses in the night)
人の都合, おとなのつごう
Expression, See 大人の事情, used when the actual reason for something cannot be disclosed
certain reasons, certain circumstances, professional constraints, adult reasons
人の頭に立つ, ひとのかしらにたつ
Expression, Godan verb
to stand at the head of others
諸聖人の祝日, しょせいじんのしゅくじつ
See 万聖節
All Saints Day
人の花は赤い, ひとのはなはあかい
Expression, Proverb
the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, other people's flowers are redder
人のことを言う, 人のことをいう, 人の事を言う, 人の事をいう, ひとのことをいう
Expression, Godan verb
to find fault with other people rather than oneself, (for the pot) to call the kettle black
人のジレンマ, しゅうじんのジレンマ
prisoner's dilemma, prisoners' dilemma
人のおもちゃ屋, 大人の玩具屋, おとなのおもちゃや
adult toy shop (i.e. a sex shop)
人の噂も七十五日, 人の噂も75日, ひとのうわさもしちじゅうごにち, ひとのうわさもななじゅうごにち
Expression, Proverb
a wonder lasts but nine days, gossip lasts just 75 days
人の上前を取る, ぬすびとのうわまえをとる
taking a cut from a thief's plunder, vile deed
人のこと言えない, 人の事言えない, 人のこといえない, 人の事いえない, ひとのこといえない
Expression, See 人のことを言う・ひとのことをいう
not one to talk, who are you to say, look who's talking
情けは人の為ならず, 情けは人のためならず, なさけはひとのためならず
Expression, Proverb
1. the good you do for others is good you do yourself, those who are kind benefit themselves, compassion is not for other people's benefit
incorrect usage
2. you can't save others (from themselves)
水の流れと人の行方, みずのながれとひとのゆくえ
Expression, Proverb
life is unpredictable, the flow of water and where people are headed (are equally unpredictable)
貧乏人の子だくさん, 貧乏人の子沢山, びんぼうにんのこだくさん
Expression, Proverb
children are a poor man's riches
親の欲目と他人の僻目, おやのよくめとたにんのひがめ
Expression, See 親の欲目・おやのよくめ, Proverb
parents overvaluing their own children but looking down on others'
人の口に戸は立てられず, ひとのくちにとはたてられず
Expression, Idiomatic expression
people will talk
今日は人の身明日は我が身, きょうはひとのみあすはわがみ
Expression, Proverb
what chances to one man may happen to all, what happens to one today may happen to another tomorrow, misfortunes can happen to anyone
人のふり見てわがふり直せ, 人の振り見て我が振り直せ, 人のふり見て我がふり直せ, ひとのふりみてわがふりなおせ
Expression, Proverb
one man's fault is another's lesson