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, 5, 伍, ご, いつ, い
Numeric, 伍 is used in legal documents
five, 5
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, ウー
, 阡, 仟, せん, ち
Numeric, 阡 and 仟 are used in legal documents
1,000, thousand
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ドル, 弗
Usually in kana, orig. an abbr. of ドルラル
1. dollar
2. money, cash
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燃やす, 燃す, もやす, もす
Conjugated: もした
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to burn
2. to burn with (emotion, feeling), to be fired up
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模す, 摸す, もす
Conjugated: もした
Godan verb, Transitive, See 模する
1. to imitate, to copy, to mock, to replace, to model after
2. to trace, to forge
1. indicates sentence subject (occasionally object)
2. indicates possessive (esp. in literary expressions)
3. but, however, still, and
after the volitional form of a verb
4. regardless of, whether (or not)
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それに, 其れに
Conjunction, Usually in kana
besides, in addition, also, moreover
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1. too, also, in addition, as well, (not) either (in a negative sentence)
as AもBも
2. both A and B, A as well as B, neither A nor B (in a negative sentence)
used for emphasis or to express absence of doubt regarding a quantity, etc.
3. even, as much as, as many as, as far as, as long as, no less than, no fewer than
often as 〜ても, 〜でも, 〜とも, etc.
4. even if, even though, although, in spite of
Adverb, See もう・3, Colloquialism
5. further, more, again, another, the other
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