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二人, 2人, ふたり, ににん
two persons, two people, pair, couple
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二人とも, 2人とも, 二人, 2人共, ふたりとも
both (people)
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二人, ふたりまえ, ににんまえ
May take 'no'
for two people, (work) of two, (meals) for two
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二人三脚, ににんさんきゃく
1. three-legged race
2. cooperation with singleness of purpose (e.g. between companies), operating in tandem
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二人, ににんぐみ, ふたりぐみ
1. twosome, duo
2. pair (of criminals)
二人, 2人分, ふたりぶん
portion for two people
二人, ふたりめ
second person
二人, にじんしゅ
May take 'no'
二人, ふたりしずか, フタリシズカ
Chloranthus serratus (species of flowering plant)
二人殺し, ふたりごろし
double murder
二人, だいににんしょう
Linguistics terminology
second person
二人ずつ, 二人づつ, 二人, ふたりずつ, ふたりづつ
May take 'no', Adverb
two by two, by twos, as a couple
二人乗り, 2人乗り, ふたりのり
Takes suru
two people using the same (vehicle) (often two on a bike)
二人きり, 二人切り, 2人きり, 2人切り, ふたりきり
See 二人っきり
just the two of them
同行二人, どうぎょうににん
See 四国遍路
Kobo Daishi is always with me (written on the hats of Shikoku pilgrims)
二人部屋, ふたりべや
double room, room shared by two people, shared room
二人羽織, ににんばおり
See 羽織
"Helping Hands" comedy performance, performance in which one person wears a haori on their shoulders, while another person behind them puts their arms through the sleeves of the haori and feeds the person in front
二人して, ふたりして
together (of two people), both (of you, them, etc.)
二人連れ, ふたりづれ
party of two
二人っきり, 二人っ切り, 2人っきり, 2人っ切り, ふたりっきり
See 二人きり
just the two of them
二人暮らし, 2人暮らし, ふたりぐらし
May take 'no'
living together (with one more person)
二人, ににんしょう
Linguistics terminology
second person
二人称代名詞, ににんしょうだいめいし
Linguistics terminology
second person pronoun
二人は伴侶、三人は仲間割れ, 二人は伴侶三人は仲間割れ, ふたりははんりょさんにんはなかまわれ
Expression, Proverb
two is a company, three is a crowd, one companion is better than two