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事項, じこう
matter, item, facts
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禁止事項, きんしじこう
prohibited item, banned item
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専権事項, せんけんじこう
sole prerogative, exclusive prerogative
会議事項, かいぎじこう
協議事項, きょうぎじこう
事項索引, じこうさくいん
subject index
制限事項, せいげんじこう
restriction, limitation
注意事項, ちゅういじこう
precautions, warnings, matters to be attended to, things to note, suggestions, hints, important points, do's and don'ts
付帯事項, ふたいじこう
supplementary item
決議事項, けつぎじこう
関連事項, かんれんじこう
related (relevant) matters, matters relevant to the subject
機密事項, きみつじこう
confidential matters
記載事項, きさいじこう
items mentioned, contents (of a record), recorded items, entries
重要事項, じゅうようじこう
important matter, matters of weight
優先事項, ゆうせんじこう
priority matter
了解事項, りょうかいじこう
understanding (between the two)
該当事項, がいとうじこう
relevant items, applicable items
留意事項, りゅういじこう
points to note, points of concern, matters to keep in mind, matters that require attention
確定事項, かくていじこう
fixed content, settled matter, done deal
身分事項, みぶんじこう
matters for identification, documentation
要求事項, ようきゅうじこう
廃止事項, はいしじこう
Computer terminology
deleted feature
諮問事項, しもんじこう
terms of reference
連絡事項, れんらくじこう
message, informative matter
極秘事項, ごくひじこう
closely-guarded secret, top secret
調査事項, ちょうさじこう
matters for investigation, matters to be examined, research agenda
登記事項, とうきじこう
registered matter, matters to be registered
免責事項, めんせきじこう
Law term
disclaimer, exemption clause, exclusions (liability, responsibility, etc.)
必要事項, ひつようじこう
necessary information, required fields (e.g. in a form)
最優先事項, さいゆうせんじこう
matter of the highest priority, top priority, first priority
参照事項検索, さんしょうじこうけんさく
Computer terminology
reference retrieval
廃止予定事項, はいしよていじこう
Computer terminology
obsolescent feature
登記事項証明書, とうきじこうしょうめいしょ
certificate of registered matters, document proving registered matters