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事情, じじょう
circumstances, conditions, situation, reasons, state of affairs
事情, じじょうつう
See 通・1
having good knowledge of a certain matter, person who has good knowledge of a certain matter, informed source
事情, しょじじょう
various reasons
食糧事情, しょくりょうじじょう
food situation
所の事情, しょのじじょう
circumstances of the office
国内事情, こくないじじょう
internal (domestic) affairs
特殊事情, とくしゅじじょう
special circumstances
事情聴取, じじょうちょうしゅ
Takes suru, yojijukugo
inquiry, enquiry, investigation, (police) interview, questioning (e.g. witness, suspect), hearing
交通事情, こうつうじじょう
traffic conditions (e.g. heavy traffic), transportation situation (e.g. bad roads)
台所事情, だいどころじじょう
Idiomatic expression
financial situation
経済事情, けいざいじじょう
economic condition, economic circumstances, financial situation
道路事情, どうろじじょう
road conditions
社会事情, しゃかいじじょう
social conditions, social circumstances
事情を話す, じじょうをはなす
Expression, Godan verb
to explain the situation
大人の事情, おとなのじじょう
pretext for not revealing something (e.g. actual reason for one's failure, vested interest, etc.)
事情変更の原則, じじょうへんこうのげんそく
clausula rebus sic stantibus (legal principle that agreements become non-binding if there is a major, unforeseeable change of circumstances)
事情が事情なだけに, じじょうがじじょうなだけに
given the circumstances, such being the case
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