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事件, じけん
event, affair, incident, case, plot, trouble, scandal
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事件, だいじけん
Antonym: 小事件
major incident, major happening, big scandal
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殺人事件, さつじんじけん
murder case
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刑事事件, 刑事々件, けいじじけん
criminal case
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事件, かいじけん
mystery case
事件, じけんひょう
事件, しょうじけん
Antonym: 大事件
minor incident, sideshow
事件, ちんじけん
rare event, unexpected event
事件, じけんや
fixer, dispute resolution specialist
事件簿, じけんぼ
case file
事件, じけんせい
criminal nature, criminality
事件, なんじけん
difficult case
暗殺事件, あんさつじけん
訴訟事件, そしょうじけん
lawsuit, (legal) case
不正事件, ふせいじけん
scandal, bribery case, graft case
民事事件, みんじじけん
civil case
大逆事件, たいぎゃくじけん
(case of) high treason
殺害事件, さつがいじけん
murder case
誘拐事件, ゆうかいじけん
kidnapping, kidnaping
発砲事件, はっぽうじけん
shooting incident
疑獄事件, ぎごくじけん
bribery scandal
舌禍事件, ぜっかじけん
trouble caused by a slip of the tongue
筆禍事件, ひっかじけん
troubles brought on by what one has written, incident occasioned by a serious slip of the pen
不祥事件, ふしょうじけん
disgraceful incident, scandalous affair, untoward (deplorable) event
事件解決, じけんかいけつ
resolution of an incident, solution to a (criminal) case
人質事件, ひとじちじけん
incident involving the taking of hostages, hostage situation
南京事件, ナンキンじけん
1. Nanking Incident (targeting of Nanking's foreign properties and residents by Kuomintang troops in March, 1927)
See 南京大虐殺
2. Rape of Nanking (1937), Nanking Massacre
傷害事件, しょうがいじけん
incident resulting in injury
法律事件, ほうりつじけん
legal case
西安事件, せいあんじけん
Xi'an Incident (involving the arrest and confinement of Chiang Kai-shek, December 1936)
大阪事件, おおさかじけん
Osaka Incident, plot by Oi Kentaro and the Liberal Party to support a Korean uprising, 1885
生麦事件, なまむぎじけん
Namamugi Incident (August 1862), Kanagawa Incident, Richardson Affair
収賄事件, しゅうわいじけん
bribery case, bribery scandal, graft case