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事を運ぶ, ことを運ぶ, ことをはこぶ
Expression, Godan verb
to go ahead, to proceed, to carry on
事を成す, 事をなす, ことをなす
Expression, Godan verb, See 成す・5
to proceed with things, to carry out, to do
ままごとをする, 飯事をする
Expression, Usually in kana
to play house
事を働く, あくじをはたらく
Expression, Godan verb
to commit a crime, to do evil
事を起こす, ことを起こす, ことをおこす
Expression, Godan verb
to cause trouble, to cause a disturbance
事を唆す, あくじをそそのかす
Expression, Godan verb
to entice a person to do something wrong
事を取る, 大事をとる, だいじをとる
Expression, Godan verb
to take care doing something, to be prudent, to take no chances, to play it safe
事を構える, ことをかまえる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to take an aggressive position, to stir up trouble
事を摂る, 食事をとる, 食事を取る, しょくじをとる
Expression, Godan verb, See 摂る・とる
to have a meal, to take a meal
事を進める, こうじをすすめる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to advance construction, to proceed with construction
事を上げる, しごとをあげる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to finish the work
事を済ます, しごとをすます
Expression, Godan verb
to finish one's work
事を辞める, 仕事をやめる, しごとをやめる
Expression, Ichidan verb, See 辞める
to quit one's job, to resign
事を延ばす, へんじをのばす
Expression, Godan verb
to delay one's answer
事を荒立てる, ことをあらだてる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to make trouble, to rock the boat, to make waves, to aggravate a situation
事を尽くす, じんじをつくす
Expression, Godan verb
to do as much as is humanly possible, to try every possible means
実の事を言うと, 実のことを言うと, 実のことをいうと, じつのことをいうと
to tell the truth, in actuality, in reality
言うに事を欠いて, いうにことをかいて
Expression, See 言うに事欠いて・いうにことかいて
that's not a nice thing to say, that's not a nice way of putting it, there was no need to say that
急いては事を仕損ずる, せいてはことをしそんずる
Expression, Ichidan verb, Proverb
haste makes waste
急いては事を仕損じる, せいてはことをしそんじる
Expression, Ichidan verb, See 急いては事を仕損ずる・せいてはことをしそんずる, Proverb
haste makes waste
事を尽くして天命を待つ, じんじをつくしててんめいをまつ
Expression, Godan verb, Proverb
man proposes, God disposes, man does what man can do then awaits the verdict of heaven (or fate)
ことを好む, 事を好む, ことをこのむ
Expression, Godan verb
to revel in trouble and discord, to be bent on making trouble, to like starting fights
ことを分ける, 事を分ける, ことをわける
Expression, Ichidan verb
to reason with (a person)
言うことを聞く, 言う事を聞く, いうことをきく
Expression, Godan verb, See 言うことを聞かない
to do what one is told to, to take someone's advice, to listen to what someone says
馬鹿なことをする, 馬鹿な事をする, 馬鹿な事を為る, ばかなことをする
to do a silly thing
言うことを聞かない, 言う事を聞かない, いうことをきかない
Expression, See 言うことを聞く・いうことをきく
not doing as one is told, disobedient, unruly
明日のことを言えば鬼が笑う, 明日の事を言えば鬼が笑う, あすのことをいえばおにがわらう
Expression, Godan verb, Proverb
nobody knows the morrow, speak of tomorrow and the ogres laugh
来年のことを言うと鬼が笑う, 来年の事を言うと鬼が笑う, らいねんのことをいうとおにがわらう
Expression, Godan verb, Proverb
nobody knows the morrow, speak of next year and the ogres laugh
人のことを言う, 人のことをいう, 人の事を言う, 人の事をいう, ひとのことをいう
Expression, Godan verb
to find fault with other people rather than oneself, (for the pot) to call the kettle black