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予約, よやく
Takes suru
1. reservation, appointment, booking, advance order
2. contract, subscription, pledge
3. programming (e.g. a device), setting (e.g. a timer)
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予約注文, よやくちゅうもん
Takes suru
pre-order, advance order
予約, よやくご
Computer terminology
reserved word, keyword
予約, よやくしゃ
予約, よやくきん
予約, よやくがかり
reservation desk (of an airline)
予約, よやくせい
reservation system, appointment system, (on) a subscription basis
予約, よやくけん
reservation slip, reservation voucher
予約, よやくめい
Computer terminology
reserved name
予約, かりよやく
tentative reservation, tentative booking
予約, ようよやく
reservation required, prior booking essential
予約済み, よやくずみ
reserved, engaged
予約出版, よやくしゅっぱん
publication after securing subscriptions
予約名簿, よやくめいぼ
subscription list
為替予約, かわせよやく
exchange contract
予約番号, よやくばんごう
confirmation number, reservation number, reference number
帯域予約, たいいきよやく
Computer terminology
bandwidth reservation, bandwidth contract
予約購読, よやくこうどく
Takes suru
予約受付, よやくうけつけ
reservation, order acceptance
事前予約, じぜんよやく
advance reservation
先行予約, せんこうよやく
advance reservation
予約確認, よやくかくにん
booking confirmation, reservation confirmation
予約, よやくせき
reserved seat
予約を取る, よやくをとる
Expression, Godan verb
to make an appointment, to make a reservation
新株予約, しんかぶよやくけん
share warrant, subscription warrant, call option
予約受付係, よやくうけつけけい
reservationist, person whose job is to take reservations
事前予約, じぜんよやくよう
advance reservation required
web予約, ウェブ予約, ウェブよやく
online booking, online reservation
事前予約不要, じぜんよやくふよう
May take 'no'
advance reservations not required
規格参照予約, きかくさんしょうよやくめい
Computer terminology
reference reserved name
予約ファイル名, よやくファイルめい
Computer terminology
reserved filename
予約名使用引数, よやくめいしようひきすう
Computer terminology
reserved name use parameter
予約待ちリスト, よやくまちリスト
waiting list