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予想, よそう
Takes suru, May take 'no'
expectation, anticipation, prediction, forecast, conjecture
予想以上, よそういじょう
Adverb, May take 'no'
more than expected
予想, よそうがい
May take 'no', NA-adjective
unexpected, unforeseen, strange
予想, よそうや
tipster (in horse racing, etc.), dopester, tout
予想, よそうだか
予想, よそうび
forecasted day (of cherry blossom blooming, etc.)
収穫予想, しゅうかくよそう
crop estimate
予想通り, 予想どおり, よそうどおり
Expression, See どおり・1
as expected, predictably, not surprisingly
予想利益, よそうりえき
estimated profits
業績予想, ぎょうせきよそう
earnings forecast (outlook, projection)
競馬予想, けいばよそう
racing tip, racing prediction
予想収穫高, よそうしゅうかくだか
crop estimate
予想変動率, よそうへんどうりつ
Finance term
expected volatility, implied volatility
完成予想, かんせいよそうず
conceptional drawing (of a building) at completion
フェルマ予想, フェルマよそう
Fermat's last theorem
予想に反して, よそうにはんして
Expression, Adverb
contrary to one's expectations
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