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予定, よてい
Takes suru, Transitive
plans, arrangement, schedule, program, programme, expectation, estimate
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予定, よていひょう
schedule, program, programme, itinerary
予定, よていあん
program, programme, prospectus
予定, よていせつ
予定, よていび
1. scheduled date, expected date
See 出産予定日, Abbreviation
2. due date, estimated date of confinement, expected date of delivery
予定, よていがい
May take 'no', NA-adjective
unexpected, unscheduled, unforeseen, unplanned
予定, よていしゃ
person in line (for ...), person expected to ...
予定, よていし
Biology term
予定稿, よていこう
pre-prepared article
予定期限, よていきげん
target date
予定期日, よていきじつ
prearranged date
予定通り, 予定どおり, よていどおり
Adverb, May take 'no'
as planned, according to plan
予定納税, よていのうぜい
prepayment of income taxes
予定価格, よていかかく
estimated price, price estimate
休暇予定, きゅうかよてい
holiday plans
廃止予定, はいしよてい
Computer terminology
予定変更, よていへんこう
change of schedule, schedule change
行事予定, ぎょうじよてい
schedule of events, calendar of events
出産予定, しゅっさんよていび
expected date of confinement, expected delivery date (of a baby)
予定から外す, よていからはずす
Expression, Godan verb
to exclude from the schedule
予定を変える, よていをかえる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to change the schedule, to change one's plans
廃止予定事項, はいしよていじこう
Computer terminology
obsolescent feature
到着予定時刻, とうちゃくよていじこく
estimated time of arrival, ETA
出発予定時刻, しゅっぱつよていじこく
estimated time of departure, ETD
お届け予定, おとどけよていび
estimated delivery date
予定調和, よていちょうわ
1. pre-established harmony (Leibniz theory), harmonie préétablie
2. (events) proceeding in a predictable fashion, turning out the way everyone expected, convention