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予告, よこく
Takes suru, Transitive
1. advance notice, previous note, preliminary announcement
See 予告編, Abbreviation
2. trailer (film, TV), preview
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予告, 予告, よこくへん
trailer (film, TV), preview
予告, よこくとう
advance warning light (e.g. with road hazards, trains, elevators, etc.)
爆破予告, ばくはよこく
bomb warning
次回予告, じかいよこく
preview of next installment (TV shows, podcasts, etc.)
予告なく, 予告無く, よこくなく
without prior notice
予告信号, よこくしんごう
advance warning of a traffic signal, preliminary traffic signal
殺害予告, さつがいよこく
(credible) death threat
予告なしに, 予告無しに, よこくなしに
without advance notice