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九州, きゅうしゅう
Kyūshū (southernmost of the four main islands of Japan)
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九州, きたきゅうしゅう
Kitakyushu (city)
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九州, きゅうしゅうべん
Kyushu dialect
九州場所, きゅうしゅうばしょ
Sumo term
Kyushu (November) tournament, held in Fukuoka
九州地方, きゅうしゅうちほう
See 南西諸島
Kyushu region (sometimes incl. the Nansei Islands)
九州男児, きゅうしゅうだんじ
strapping Kyushu lad, virile son of Kyushu
九州へ下る, きゅうしゅうへくだる
Godan verb
to go down to Kyushu