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不平, ふへい
May take 'no', NA-adjective
discontent, dissatisfaction, complaint, grievance
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不平, ふびょうどう
inequality, unfairness
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不平不満, ふへいふまん
discontent and grumbling
不平分子, ふへいぶんし
discontented element, discontented (grumbling) member
不平等条約, ふびょうどうじょうやく
unequal treaty
連鎖不平, れんさふへいこう
linkage disequilibrium
経済的不平, けいざいてきふびょうどう
economic inequality
所得不平等度係数, しょとくふびょうどうどけいすう
See ジニ係数
Gini coefficient, Gini's coefficient
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