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三日, 3日, みっか
1. third day of the month
2. three days
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三日, 13日, じゅうさんにち
1. thirteenth day of the month
2. thirteen days
二十三日, 23日, にじゅうさんにち
1. twenty-third day of the month
2. twenty-three days
三日, みっかじ
three-day journey
三日, りょうさんにち
two or three days
三日, 3日間, みっかかん
three days
三日, しゅうみっか
three days a week
三日, みっかねつ
tertian malaria (causing a fever that recurs every second day)
三日, にさんにち
two or three days
三日, みかづき, みかずき
new moon, crescent moon
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三日三晩, みっかみばん
three days and three nights
三日三夜, みっかみよ
3 days and 3 nights
三日月形, みかづきがた
May take 'no'
crescent shape
三日月眉, みかづきまゆ
arched eyebrows
三日月湖, みかづきこ
oxbow lake, billabong
三日酔い, みっかよい
See 二日酔い, Colloquialism
hangover (that still lingers two days after drinking)
三日の餅, 三日の餠, みかのもちい
Heian-period ceremony where a newlywed groom and bride eat a rice-cake on the third night after the wedding ceremony
三日月藻, みかづきも
Closterium (genus of algae)
三日ばしか, 三日はしか, 三日麻疹, みっかばしか, みっかはしか
See 風疹, Colloquialism
rubella, German measles, three day measles
みかづきつばめうお, 三日月燕魚, ミカヅキツバメウオ
Usually in kana
golden spadefish (Platax boersii, species of Indo-West Pacific spadefish found in Indonesia, New Guinea, and the Philippines), Boer's batfish
三日夜の餅, 三日夜の餠, みかよのもち
See 三日の餅・みかのもちい
Heian-period ceremony where a newlywed groom and bride eat a rice-cake on the third night after the wedding ceremony
三日コロリ, みっかころり
See コレラ, from the belief that one dies three days after contracting the disease
三日天下, みっかてんか, みっかでんか
short-lived rule, being in power only for a brief period, brief championship
三日坊主, 三日ぼうず, みっかぼうず
person who cannot stick to anything, unsteady worker, monk for three days
三日にあげず, 三日に上げず, みっかにあげず
Expression, Adverb
at very frequent intervals, almost every other day, constantly
三日と上げず, 三日とあげず, みっかとあげず
Expression, See 三日に上げず
almost every day, constantly
肥沃な三日月地帯, ひよくなみかづきちたい
Fertile Crescent
美人は三日で飽きる, 美人は3日で飽きる, びじんはみっかであきる
Expression, Proverb
beauty is only skin-deep, one gets tired of a beauty in three days
乞食を三日すればやめられぬ, 乞食を三日すれば止められぬ, こじきをみっかすればやめられぬ
Expression, Proverb
once a beggar, always a beggar, if one begs for three days, one cannot stop