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, 3, 参, 弎, さん, み
Numeric, 参 is used in legal documents
1. three
2. tri-
, サン
, 13, じゅうさん
1. thirteen, 13
2. king (playing card)
, 3人, さんにん, みたり
three people
30, , , 参拾, 卅, 丗, さんじゅう, みそ
thirty, 30
3月, , さんがつ
1. March
2. third month of the lunar calendar
, 3つ, みっつ, みつ
1. three
2. three years of age
十日, 30日, さんじゅうにち
1. thirtieth day of the month
2. thirty days
十日, 晦日, 晦, みそか, つごもり, みそ, かいじつ
See 月末
last day of the month
, 第3, だいさん
the third
さぶろう, , サブロウ
See 三男・2
1. third son
Usually in kana
2. Occella iburia (species of poacher)
, 3塁, さんるい
Baseball term
third base
300, , 3百, 〇〇, さんびゃく
1. 300, three hundred
See 文・もん・1
2. 300 mon, trifling amount, two-bit item
See 三百代言・1, Abbreviation
3. shyster
十八度線, 38度線, さんじゅうはちどせん
usu. in reference to Korea
the 38th Parallel
, さんごく
1. three countries
2. Japan, China and India, Japan, Korea and China, all the world
See 魏・ぎ・1, See 蜀・しょく・2, See 呉・ご・3
3. Three Kingdoms (in China, 220 CE-280 CE)
See 新羅・しらぎ, See 百済・くだら, See 高句麗・こうくり
4. Three Kingdoms (in Korea, 57 BCE-668 CE)
3000, , 3千, 〇〇〇, さんぜん
1. 3000, three thousand
Only 三千
2. many
, 3回, さんかい
three times
, 3年, さんねん
three years
, 13日, じゅうさんにち
1. thirteenth day of the month
2. thirteen days
二十, 23日, にじゅうさんにち
1. twenty-third day of the month
2. twenty-three days
十一日, 31日, さんじゅういちにち
1. thirty-first day of the month
2. thirty-one days
, さんやく
1. three highest ranks (wrestling, unions, etc.)
2. three parts, three divisions
, さんじゅう, みえ
May take 'no'
triple, treble, threefold, three-ply, triplicate
, みえ
Mie (prefecture)
, さんしん
Takes suru, Baseball term
strikeout, strike out, fanning out
, さいさん
Adverb, May take 'no'
again and again, repeatedly
, だいさんしゃ
third party, third person, outsider, disinterested person
, 3度, たび, さんど, みたび
1. three times, thrice
Only さんど
2. third (musical interval)
Only みたび, Adverb
3. many times, over and over again, often, frequently
, しちさん
7 or 3 ratio, hair parted on one side
, さんえつ
San'etsu (the three former provinces of Echizen, Etchū and Echigo)
3時, , さんじ
Temporal noun (jisoumeishi)
1. 3 o'clock
See 3時のおやつ・さんじのおやつ
2. afternoon snack (eaten around 3 o'clock)
See 正法・しょうぼう・2, See 末法, See 像法, Buddhist term
3. three ages of Buddhism (following the death of Gautama Buddha; age of the true law, age of the copied law, and age of the degeneration of the law), three ages of the dharma
, さんしゃ
three persons, three parties
塁打, さんるいだ
Baseball term
three-base hit, triple
, にさん
Adverbial noun
two or three
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