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一緒に, いっしょに
together (with), at the same time, in a lump
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一緒にする, いっしょにする
1. to unite, to join, to do together
2. to confuse with
一緒になる, いっしょになる
Expression, Godan verb
1. to come together, to join
2. to get married, to become a married couple
盆と正月が一緒に来たよう, 盆と正月が一緒に来た様, ぼんとしょうがつがいっしょにきたよう
Expression, NA-adjective
1. as if Christmas and one's birthday had come at the same time, as if Lady Luck had just visited twice, as if the Bon Festival and New Year had come at the same time
2. as if the two busiest days of the year had come at the same time