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一生, いっしょう
May take 'no', Adverb
1. whole life, a lifetime, all through life, one existence, a generation, an age, the whole world, the era
2. (the only, the greatest, etc.) of one's life
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一生懸命, いっしょうけんめい
Adverb, NA-adjective, yojijukugo
very hard, with utmost effort, as hard as one can, with all one's might, for dear life, eagerly, desperately
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一生, いっしょうがい
lifetime, one's whole life, all through life
一生, いちせいめん, いっせいめん
innovation, new vista, new field
一生, いっしょうぶん
May take 'no'
lifetime supply, lifetime's worth (of something)
九死一生, きゅうしいっしょう
narrow escape from the jaw of death
万死一生, ばんしいっしょう
advancing in the face of death, having a narrow escape from the jaw of death
一生不犯, いっしょうふぼん
(strict) observance of the Buddhist precept of lifelong celibacy
後生一生, ごしょういっしょう
extremely important or once in a lifetime (request), only once in one's lifetime
十死一生, じっしいっしょう
1. narrow escape from the jaws of death
2. there being barely a chance of escaping death
一生モノ, 一生もの, 一生, いっしょうもの
May take 'no'
something that will last a lifetime (esp. high-quality products)
一生もん, 一生モン, いっしょうもん
See 一生モノ
something that will last a lifetime (esp. high quality product)
一生精進, いっしょうしょうじん
Expression, Buddhist term
striving to adopt ascetic practices for one's whole life
一生一度, いっしょういちど
May take 'no'
once in one's life, once in a lifetime
九死に一生, きゅうしにいっしょう
Expression, Idiomatic expression
narrow escape from death
一生の不覚, いっしょうのふかく
greatest mistake of one's life
一生に一度, いっしょうにいちど
Expression, May take 'no'
once in a lifetime, once in one's life
一生消えない, いっしょうきえない
permanent, lifelong
一生を終える, いっしょうをおえる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to end one's life, to end one's days, to die
後生一生の頼み, ごしょういっしょうのたのみ
extremely important or once in a lifetime request
正直は一生の宝, しょうじきはいっしょうのたから
Expression, Proverb
honesty is the best policy
九死に一生を得る, きゅうしにいっしょうをえる
Expression, Ichidan verb, Idiomatic expression
to have a narrow escape from death
聞くは一時の恥、聞かぬは一生の恥, 聞くは一時の恥聞かぬは一生の恥, きくはいっときのはじきかぬはいっしょうのはじ
Expression, Proverb
better to ask and be embarrassed than not ask and never know