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一枚, 1枚, いちまい
one thin flat object, one sheet
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ひとひら, 一片, 一枚
Usually in kana
(one) leaf, (one) petal, piece (of paper), flake (of snow)
一枚, いちまいいわ
monolith, large slab of rock
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一枚, いちまいした
one step lower
一枚, いちまいがい
一枚, いちまいうえ
one step higher, one better, cut above, one up
一枚, かみいちまい
one sheet of paper
一枚看板, いちまいかんばん
1. leading player, prima donna, box-office star
2. best item one has (to show), one's sole Sunday best, one's single area of expertise
一枚上手, 一枚うわて, いちまいうわて
NA-adjective, See 上手・うわて・1, yojijukugo
one step higher, one better, cut above, one up
一枚噛む, いちまいかむ
Expression, Godan verb, Idiomatic expression
to participate in (as a member), to get involved in
一枚落ち, いちまいおち
See 駒落ち・こまおち, Shogi term
playing with a handicap of one rook or bishop
首の皮一枚, くびのかわいちまい
Expression, Idiomatic expression
still having a very small chance, still having a tiny shred of hope
パンツ一枚, パンツいちまい
(wearing) nothing but a pair of underpants
奇跡の一枚, きせきのいちまい
Expression, Humorous term
photo in which its subject looks much more attractive than their usual self
座布団一枚, 座布団1枚, ざぶとんいちまい
Expression, Interjection, See 座布団, Colloquialism, Humorous term, from the long-running TV show 笑点
that was a good one!, what a stinger!, one zabuton
板子一枚下は地獄, いたごいちまいしたはじごく
Expression, Proverb
there is only the thickness of the boat's planking between one and perdition, on a boat, one is only an inch or two from a watery grave