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ひとり, 一人, 1人, 独り, いちにん
esp. 一人, 1人
1. one person
Only ひとり, See 一人で
2. being alone, being by oneself
esp. 独り
3. being single, being unmarried
Adverb, Usually in kana, with neg. sentence
4. just, only, simply
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Noun, used as a suffix, See 様だ・1, Usually in kana, usu. after the -masu stem of a verb
1. appearing ..., looking ...
2. way to ..., method of ...ing
usu. after a noun
3. form, style, design
See 様だ・2
4. like, similar to
5. thing (thought or spoken)
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, 方, 状, さま
Suffix, Honorific or respectful, after a person's name (or position, etc.)
1. Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms.
See お粗末さまでした, Polite, usu. after a noun or na-adjective prefixed with お- or ご-
2. makes a word more polite (usu. in fixed expressions)
3. state, situation, appearance, manner
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Suffix, Honorific or respectful, Familiar language, Children's language, Usually in kana, after a person's name (or position, etc.)
Mr., Mrs., Ms.
ざま, , 態
Derogatory, Usually in kana
1. mess, sorry state, plight, sad sight
Suffix, indicates direction
2. -ways, -wards
after the -masu stem of a verb
3. in the act of ..., just as one is ...
See 様・さま・3
4. manner of ..., way of ...
, , 例し, ためし
precedent, example
一点, 1点, いってん
speck, dot, point, only a little, particle, only one
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限り, かぎり
1. limit, limits, bounds
2. degree, extent, scope
Noun, used as a suffix
3. the end, the last
Adverb, after an adjective, verb, or noun
4. as long as ..., as far as ..., as much as ..., to the limits of ..., all of ...
after neg. verb
5. unless ...
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きり, 切り, 限り, 切, 限
Usually in kana
1. end, finish, place to stop
See 切りがない・1
2. bound, limit
Only 限り, Only 限, Finance term
3. delivery date (of a futures contract)
4. finale (of a noh song), end of an act (in jōruri or kabuki), final performance of the day (in vaudeville)
5. trump card
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限る, かぎる
Conjugated: 限り
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to restrict, to limit, to confine
2. to be restricted to, to be limited to, to be confined to
as ...は...に限る
3. to be best (for), to be the best plan, to be the only way (to)
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Conjugated: となっています
Expression, Godan verb, formal or literary term
to become, to be
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隣る, となる
Conjugated: となっています
Godan verb, Intransitive, See 隣・1, Archaism
to neighbor (neighbour), to be adjacent to, to be next to, to border