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ばか, 馬鹿, 莫迦, 破家, 馬稼, バカ
Usually in kana
1. idiot, moron, fool
2. trivial matter, folly, absurdity
3. stupid, foolish, dull, absurd, ridiculous
usu. in compounds
4. fervent enthusiast, nut, person singularly obsessed with something
See 馬鹿貝, Abbreviation
5. Mactra chinensis (species of trough shell)
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馬鹿げる, ばかげる, バカげる
Ichidan verb, Intransitive, usu. 〜た/て
to be foolish, to be stupid, to be ridiculous
バカンス, ヴァカンス
holidays, vacation
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card games
baccarat (game)
バカ, 馬鹿話, ばか話, バカばなし, ばかばなし
foolish talk, idle talk
バカがい, バカ, 馬鹿貝, 馬珂貝, ばかがい, バカガイ
Usually in kana
Mactra chinensis (species of trough shell)
バカ, 馬鹿女, ばかおんな, バカおんな, ばかじょ, バカじょ
Slang, Derogatory
stupid girl, stupid woman
バカ, 馬鹿安, ばか安, バカやす, ばかやす
bargain price
バカ, 馬鹿人, バカじん
stupid person
バカ受け, 馬鹿受け, ばか受け, ばかうけ
Takes suru, Intransitive, Colloquialism
ridiculously good reception, being extremely well-received
バカ正直, 馬鹿正直, ばか正直, バカしょうじき, ばかしょうじき
honest to a fault, foolishly honest, naively honest
バカ丁寧, 馬鹿丁寧, ばか丁寧, バカていねい, ばかていねい
overly polite, excessively polite, polite to a fault
バカ騒ぎ, 馬鹿騒ぎ, ばか騒ぎ, バカさわぎ, ばかさわぎ
Takes suru, Intransitive
horseplay, fooling around
バカの壁, 馬鹿の壁, バカのかべ, ばかのかべ
Expression, from the title of a book by Takeshi Yoro
stupidity barrier, stupidity as an obstacle to coming to a mutual understanding
バカ食い, バカぐい, バカくい
Takes suru
binge eating
Food term
bacalao, bacalhau, dried and salted cod
バカ高い, 馬鹿高い, ばか高い, バカたかい, ばかたかい, ばかだかい
ridiculously expensive, stupidly expensive
バカ売れ, 馬鹿売れ, ばか売れ, ばかうれ
Takes suru, Intransitive
selling like crazy, selling like hotcakes, flying off the shelves
バカスカ, ばかすか
vigorously, at a great pace, greatly
See 右翼・うよく・1, Slang, Derogatory
stupid right-winger
Slang, from 馬鹿 and ゲーム
silly video game, nonsensical video game
See 左翼・さよく・1, Slang, Derogatory
stupid left-winger
Colloquialism, from ばか + カップル
love birds, sickeningly sweet and soppy couple
バカ発券器, 馬鹿発見器, ばかはっけんき
Humorous term
Twitter, stupidity detector
See ツイッター, Derogatory, Humorous term, Internet slang, pun on バカ and ツイッター
バカとハサミは使いよう, バカとはさみは使いよう, ばかとはさみは使いよう, 馬鹿とはさみは使いよう, 馬鹿と鋏は使い様, バカとハサミはつかいよう, バカとはさみはつかいよう, ばかとはさみはつかいよう
Expression, Proverb
everything comes in handy when used correctly, use the right tools for the right job, fools and (blunt) scissors have to be used in the right way
馬鹿は死ななきゃ治らない, バカは死ななきゃ治らない, バカはしななきゃなおらない
Expression, Proverb
once a fool, always a fool, idiots will only be cured when they die
馬鹿らしい, ばからしい, バカらしい
absurd, foolish, stupid, silly, nonsense, ludicrous, preposterous, laughable, ridiculous
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ばかばかしい, 馬鹿馬鹿しい, バカバカしい
Usually in kana
absurd, ridiculous, silly, ludicrous, nonsensical, asinine, foolish
馬鹿者, バカ, ばか者, ばかもの, バカもの, バカモノ
moron, idiot, stupid person
馬鹿力, バカ, ばか力, ばかぢから, バカぢから
great physical power, animal strength
馬鹿に, ばかに, バカ
ridiculously, unusually, exceptionally