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はえ, 蠅, 蝿, ハエ
Usually in kana
1. fly (any insect of infraorder Muscomorpha)
2. person of no worth, pisher, scrub
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のように, の様に
Expression, Adverb, Usually in kana
1. like, similar to
2. as with, in the same way
その, 其の, そん
Pre-noun adjectival (rentaishi), See この・1, See あの, See どの, Usually in kana, something or someone distant from the speaker, close to the listener; actions of the listener, or ideas expressed or understood by the listener
1. that, the
preceding a number
2. part (as in "part two")
Only その, Interjection
3. um ..., er ..., uh ...
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, 苑, 薗, その
1. garden, orchard, park
See 学びの園
2. place, world, environment
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