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がん, 癌, ガン
Usually in kana
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がん, ガン
Adverb taking the 'to' particle, Onomatopoeic or mimetic word
1. with a thump, with a thud, with a bang
2. hard (hit, scold, etc.), severely
hanafuda, Mahjong term
3. marking (on a card or tile for the purpose of cheating), card marking, tile marking, alteration
がん, 雁, 鴈, かり, ガン, カリ
Usually in kana
1. wild goose
Only かり, Only カリ, Abbreviation, Colloquialism
2. glans, head of a penis
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Expression, Particle, See に・1, emphasises word marked by に
1. to, for, on, in, at
2. in order to
See は・1, indicates respect for subject of sentence
3. as for, regarding
as AにはAが...; emphasizes the repeated word, followed by a contrasting statement
4. while it is (was) the case that ..., indeed ... (but), certainly ... (but)
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