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, わたし
Pronoun, slightly formal or feminine
I, me
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渡し, わたし
1. ferry (crossing), ferry(boat)
2. delivery
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サイ, セイ, す.む, -ず.み, -ずみ, す.まない, す.ます, -す.ます, すく.う, な.す, わたし, わた.る
settle (debt, etc.), relieve (burden), finish, come to an end, excusable, need not
渡す, わたす
Conjugated: わたし
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to ferry across (e.g. a river), to carry across, to traverse
2. to lay across, to build across
3. to hand over, to hand in, to pass, to give, to transfer
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私自身, わたしじしん, わたくしじしん
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わたし, 私的, わたしてき
NA-adjective, See 私的・してき, Colloquialism, oft. as わたし的には
my personal (e.g. opinion)
私たち, 私達, わたし, わたくし達, わたしたち, わたくしたち
we, us
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私宛, わたしあて, わたくしあて
my address
渡し守, 渡し守り, 渡守, わたしもり
渡し賃, わたしちん
渡し銭, わたしせん
渡し込み, わたしこみ
Sumo term
technique of throwing one's opponent by pushing his chest while holding his thigh, thigh-grabbing push down
渡し箸, わたしばし
resting one's chopsticks across the top of one's bowl (a breach of etiquette)
私なり, わたしなり
Expression, May take 'no', See 形・なり
(in) my own way
渡し船, 渡し舟, わたしぶね
ferry, ferryboat
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私語り, わたしがたり
first-person narrative
渡し場, 渡場, わたし
See 渡船場
ferry landing, point of departure or arrival for ferries
私ども, 私共, 私供, わたくしども, わたしども
Pronoun, Humble
1. we, us
2. I, me, my store (business, etc.)
引き渡し, 引渡し, 引渡, ひきわたし
delivery, handing over, turning over, extradition
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橋渡し, はしわたし
Takes suru
bridge building, mediation, go-between, intermediary, (through the) good offices (of someone)
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受け渡し, 受渡し, 受渡, うけわたし
delivery, transfer, hand-over
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言い渡し, 言渡し, いいわたし
sentence, judgment, judgement, pronouncement, order, command
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手渡し, てわたし
Takes suru
personal delivery
明け渡し, あけわたし
evacuation, surrender
荷渡し, にわたし
delivery of freight or goods
見渡し, みわたし
See 見渡す
viewing, view, viewpoint
先渡し, さきわたし
Takes suru
1. paying in advance
Finance term
2. forward delivery
3. delivery (of freight)
倉渡し, くらわたし
直渡し, じきわたし
direct delivery
内渡し, うちわたし
Takes suru
partial delivery, partial payment
差し渡し, さしわたし
distance across, diameter
箸渡し, はしわたし
1. passing a bone fragment from one pair of chopsticks to another while placing the remains of the deceased in a funerary urn, two people picking up the same bone fragment with chopsticks at the same time
See 拾い箸
2. passing food from one pair of chopsticks to another (a breach of etiquette), two people picking up the same piece of food with chopsticks at the same time
雁渡し, かりわたし
Obscure term
northern wind in early autumn
貨車渡し, かしゃわたし
free on rail, FOR
受渡日, うけわたし
Finance term
settlement date, delivery date