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Conjugated: らしく
Auxiliary adjective, expresses judgement based on evidence, reason or trustworthy hearsay
1. seeming ..., appearing ...
Suffix, after a noun, adverb or adj. stem
2. -ish, like a ..., typical of ..., appropriate for ..., becoming of ..., worthy of the name ...
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See らしい
unusual, different
新しく, あたらしく
newly, new, anew
素晴らしく, すばらしく
Adverb, See 素晴らしい
wonderfully, splendidly, magnificently
事新しく, ことあたらしく
anew, again, specially, formally
さらし首, 晒し首, 曝し首, 晒首, 曝首, さらしく
criminal's head on public display, displaying a beheaded head
叢時雨, 群時雨, 村時雨, むらしぐ
autumn shower, fall shower