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よければ, 良ければ
Expression, Usually in kana
if it is good
避ける, 除ける, さける, よける
Conjugated: よければ
Only よける, Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to avoid (physical contact with)
Only さける
2. to avoid (situation)
3. to ward off, to avert
4. to put aside, to move out of the way
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良い, 善い, 好い, 佳い, 吉い, 宜い, よい, えい
Conjugated: よければ
See いい・1, also いい (all senses)
1. good, excellent, fine, nice, pleasant, agreeable
See いい・2
2. sufficient, enough, ready, prepared
See いい・3
3. profitable (deal, business offer, etc.), beneficial
See いい・4, as て(も)良い, と(も)良い, etc.; indicates permission or compromise
4. OK, all right, no problem
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