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洋画, ようが
See 日本画
1. Western painting
See 邦画・1
2. Western film, Western movie
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陽画, ようが
positive (photographic) image
幼芽, ようが
May take 'no'
(wheat) germ
葉芽, ようが, はめ
leaf bud
溶岩, 熔岩, ようが
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8日, 八日, ようか
1. 8th day of the month
2. eight days
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洋楽, ようが
See 邦楽
Western music, European music
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洋菓子, ようが
Western confectionery
蛹化, ようか
Takes suru
溶化, ようか
Takes suru
melting, smelting
容顔, ようが
features, looks
洋画家, ようが
artist who produces Western-style paintings
瑶顔, ようが
beautiful face, exquisite countenance
洋芥子, 洋辛子, 洋がらし, ようがらし
See マスタード, Food term
用がある, 用が有る, ようがある
Expression, Godan verb
to have (urgent) business, to have something one needs to attend to, to have something one wants to say (to someone)
洋学, ようが
historical term
Western learning (introduced to Japan in the late-Edo and early-Meiji periods)
用が足せる, ようがたせる
Expression, Ichidan verb
1. to make oneself understood (in some language)
See 用を足す・ようをたす・2
2. to be able to relieve oneself
幼芽鞘, ようがしょう
coleoptile, acrospire
溶岩洞, ようがんどう
lava tube
洋学校, ようがっこう
historical term
Western school, school dedicated to the study of the West and Western languages (late Edo and Meiji periods)
用が足りる, ようがたりる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to do the job, to do the business
養家, ようか
adoptive family
洋傘, ようが, ようさん
See 和傘
(Western-style) umbrella, parasol
要害, ようが
1. stronghold, fortress
May take 'no'
2. strategic position, key position
溶岩流, ようがんりゅう
lava flow
要害堅固, ようがいけんご
May take 'no', yojijukugo
(a fortress being) impregnable, unassailable
容顔美麗, ようがんびれい
beautiful face, attractive features
溶岩ドーム, ようがんドーム
lava dome
溶岩台地, ようがんだいち
lava plateau
妖花, ようか
enchantingly beautiful flower, bewitching beauty
溶岩洞穴, ようがんほらあな
lava cave
溶岩トンネル, ようがんトンネル
lava tunnel
溶岩尖塔, ようがんせんとう
lava spine
溶岩円頂丘, ようがんえんちょうきゅう
lava dome
ヨウ化, 沃化, ヨウか, ようか
Takes suru, Intransitive
iodization, iodisation
言いようがない, 言い様がない, 言様がない, いいようがない
Expression, See 言いようのない
indescribable, having no way to express
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