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やる, 遣る, 行る
Conjugated: やって
Godan verb, Transitive, See する・1, Usually in kana, Colloquialism
1. to do, to undertake, to perform, to play (a game), to study
2. to send, to dispatch, to despatch
3. to put, to move, to turn (one's head, glance, etc.)
4. to give (esp. to someone of equal or lower status), to let have, to present, to bestow, to confer
5. to make (a vehicle) go faster
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殺る, やる
Conjugated: やって
Godan verb, Transitive, Colloquialism
to do someone in, to bump someone off
演る, やる
Conjugated: やって
Godan verb, Transitive, See 演じる・1, often used in the popular music industry
to perform, to play, to act
やる, 犯る, ヤる
Conjugated: やって
Godan verb, Transitive, Slang, Vulgar expression or word, Usually in kana
to have sex, to fuck, to bang
やってくる, やって来る, 遣って来る
Expression, Usually in kana
1. to come along, to come around, to turn up
2. to arrive at the present, to get where one is, to have been doing something (for a period of time)
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やってみる, やって見る, 遣ってみる, 遣って見る
Expression, Ichidan verb, Usually in kana
to have a go, to try and do (something), to take a chance with something
やっていく, やって行く, 遣って行く
Godan verb, Intransitive, Usually in kana
to live, to make a living, to get on with
やってのける, やって退ける, 遣って退ける
Ichidan verb, Transitive, Usually in kana
to succeed (in doing), to pull something off, to manage (to do a job)
やってもうた, やってもた, やってもーた
Expression, Dialect: Kansai-ben
oops!, I did it again, now I've done it, I've messed up
I can't go on like this
Expression, See 如何して・どうして・1
how, in what way, by what means
thus, in this way
like that, that way, thus
like that, that way
うまくやっていく, うまくやって行く, 旨くやって行く
Expression, Godan verb, Usually in kana
to get along well with, to make a go of it
天災は忘れた頃にやってくる, 天災は忘れたころにやってくる, てんさいはわすれたころにやってくる
Expression, Proverb
natural disasters happen when you've forgotten about the previous ones