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安い, 廉い, やすい
1. cheap, inexpensive
Only 安い
2. calm, peaceful, quiet
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やすい, 易い
1. easy
Suffix, Usually in kana, after -masu stem of verb
2. likely to ..., have a tendency to ...
3. easy to ...
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やすい, 容易い, た易い
Usually in kana
easy, simple, light
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やすい, し易い
Usually in kana
easy to make, easy to do
やすい, 見易い, みやすい
1. easy to see, easy to read
2. easy to understand
3. easy to look at, attractive
やすい, でやすい
tending to break out or project easily
お安い, 御安い, おやすい
easy, simple
気安い, 気易い, きやすい
relaxed, familiar, easy to access, friendly
割れ易い, われやすい
brittle, fragile, easily cracked, perishable
曲げ易い, まげやすい
pliant, supple, flexible
読みやすい, 読み易い, よみやすい
easy to read, legible, clear
溶けやすい, とけやすい
使いやすい, 使い易い, つかいやすい
easy to use
MPEG-4 AVC録画の実力テスト:使いやすさはもとより、画質・音質の実力も高い。
熱しやすい, 熱し易い, ねっしやすい
飽き易い, あきやすい
easily bored, quick to lose interest, fickle, capricious
飲みやすい, 飲み易い, のみやすい
easy to drink, easy to swallow, quaffable
感じやすい, 感じ易い, かんじやすい
sensitive, susceptible, impressionable
与しやすい, 与し易い, くみしやすい
easy to deal with, tractable, manageable
御しやすい, 御し易い, ぎょしやすい
easy to deal with, easily manageable, tractable, malleable
扱いやすい, 扱い易い, あつかいやすい
manageable, tractable, easy to care for, easy to deal with, easy to handle
陥りやすい, 陥り易い, おちいりやすい
prone (to), liable (to), apt (to), tending (to)
裂けやすい, 裂け易い, さけやすい
easily torn, tearable, tear easily, scissile, lacerable
にじみやすい, 滲みやすい, 滲み易い
Usually in kana
easily flowing (ink, make-up, etc.), easy spreading
受けやすい, 受け易い, うけやすい
susceptible, vulnerable, prone (to)
疲れやすい, 疲れ易い, つかれやすい
tiring easily, easy to tire
住みやすい, 住み易い, すみやすい
comfortable to live in (of a neighborhood, etc.), convenient, congenial, agreeable
滑り易い, すべりやすい
greasy, slimy, slippery
親しみやすい, 親しみ易い, したしみやすい
friendly, easy to get on with, easy to talk to, easy to like
変わりやすい, 変わり易い, かわりやすい
changeable, unsettled, inconstant, fickle (e.g. weather)
わかりやすい, 分かりやすい, 分かり易い
Usually in kana
easy to understand
覚え易い, おぼえやすい
easy to learn
壊れ易い, こわれやすい
fragile, break easily
だまされやすい, 騙されやすい, 騙され易い
See 騙す・1, Usually in kana
gullible, naive
傷つきやすい, 傷付きやすい, 傷つき安い, 傷付き安い, きずつきやすい
fragile, brittle, delicate, sensitive