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ものか, もんか
Particle, Male term
as if (something untrue were actually true), like hell (e.g. "like hell I will")
モノ化, もの化, 物化, モノか, ものか
Takes suru
objectification, objectifying
物影, ものか
form, shape, figure
物書き, もの書き, 物書, ものか
writer, author
ものか, 物かは
Expression, Usually in kana, usu. as ...もものかは or ...はものかは
despite, in spite of, not worrying about, without fear of
物陰, 物蔭, ものか
place hidden from view, cover, shelter, hiding place
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モノカルボン酸, モノカルボンさん
monocarboxylic acid
モノカルチャー, モノカルチュア
物語, 物語り, ものがたり
story, tale, narrative, account, fable, legend
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物語る, ものがたる
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to tell (a story), to give an account of (an event, experience, etc.), to relate, to recount
2. to tell of, to show, to indicate, to prove, to attest to
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ホモノ科, ホモノか
See イネ科, Obsolete term
Poaceae (family of flowering plants), Gramineae
何者か, 何ものか, なにものか
ものがある, 物がある
Expression, Godan verb, Usually in kana, sentence-ending expressing judgement
to be the case that
知るものか, しるものか
who cares?, see if I care, who knows?, how should I know?
構うものか, かまうものか
who cares?, I don't give a damn, what does it matter?
友の会, とものか
Expression, usu. in names
association, club, fan club, supporter's association
果物籠, くだものか
fruit basket
買い物かご, 買い物カゴ, 買物カゴ, 買物かご, 買い物籠, 買い物篭, 買物籠, 買物篭, かいものか
shopping basket
物悲しい, もの悲しい, もの哀しい, 物哀しい, ものがなしい
sad, melancholy
白物家電, シロモノ家電, 白モノ家電, しろものかでん, シロモノかでん, しろモノかでん
white goods, large household electrical appliances
黒物家電, くろものかでん
black goods, consumer electronics products
ものが言えない, 物が言えない, ものがいえない
speechless (with amazement), struck dumb, tongue-tied, dumbfounded
先物価格, さきものかかく
forward price, futures price, futures quotation
物語風, ものがたりふう
May take 'no'
narrative-like structure, narrative style
どうしたものか, どうしたもんか
what is to be done?, what should (I) do?, what (am I) to do?
物堅い, ものがたい
honest, upright, faithful, reliable
死んで花実が咲くものか, 死んで花見が咲くものか, しんではなみがさくものか
Expression, Proverb
once you're dead, that's it
死んで花実がなるものか, 死んで花実が成るものか, 死んで花見がなるものか, しんではなみがなるものか
Expression, Proverb
once you're dead, that's it
夢物語, ゆめものがたり
1. account of a dream
Idiomatic expression
2. fantastic story, wild tale, empty dream, pipe dream
我が物顔, 我物顔, わがものが
looking or acting as if one owned the place
絵物語, えものがたり
illustrated story
棹物菓子, さおものが
Japanese sweets in the form of long blocks (e.g. yokan, uiro)
素物語, すものがたり
See 素話・1, Rare
chat without food or drink