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Expression, See どうでもよい・1
1. inconsequential, indifferent, not worth worrying about, trivial
See どうでもよい
2. whatever, whichever, I don't care
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思い入れ, 思いいれ, 想い入れ, 思入れ, 想入れ, おもいい
Takes suru
1. emotional attachment
2. attitude (expressing emotion), meditative pose (e.g. an actor), posing for effect
思い入る, おもいい
Godan verb
to ponder, to contemplate
何でもいい, なんでもいい
Expression, See 何だっていい
it doesn't matter what, anything is fine
してもいい, してもよい
alright to do, can do, do not mind doing, gladly do, might as well do
なくてもいい, なくても良い, 無くても良い, なくてもよい
Expression, Usually in kana, after neg. stem of verb or adjective, expressing absence of obligation or necessity
1. need not, (not) have to
See 無い・1
2. need not have, need not exist
みっともいい, 見っともいい
Antonym: みっともない, Usually in kana, often neg. as in 〜ものじゃない, etc.
decent, respectable, dignified, becoming, seemly
と言ってもいい, と言っても良い, と言ってもよい, といってもいい, といってもよい
you could say, you might say, verging on the
物も言い様, 物も言いよう, ものも言いよう, ものもいいよう
Expression, See 物も言い様で角が立つ, Proverb
be careful what you say, consider your words
もいい, ていい
Expression, after the ren'youkei form of a verb
1. indicates concession or compromise
2. indicates permission
思い至る, 思い到る, 想い至る, 想い到る, おもいいたる
Godan verb, Intransitive
to realize, to realise, to hit upon something
わりとどうでもいい, 割とどうでもいい
Expression, Usually in kana, Slang, Humorous term
I couldn't care less, not caring less
物も言い様で角が立つ, 物も言いようで角が立つ, ものもいいようでかどがたつ
Expression, Proverb
harsh words make the going rough, consider your words, people may be offended (or not) by the way you speak