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むしろ, 寧ろ, 寧
Adverb, Usually in kana
rather, better, instead, if anything
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, 蓆, 莚, 席, むしろ, えん
1. woven mat (esp. one made of straw)
2. seat
See ガムシロップ, Abbreviation
gomme syrup, gum syrup
上筵, 上蓆, うわむしろ
thin padded mat laid on the tatami
花筵, はなむしろ
mat with a floral or bulrush pattern
針のむしろ, 針の筵, はりのむしろ
bed of nails, bed of thorns, bed of needles
竹席, 簟, たかむしろ
See 筵・1
bamboo mat
ひるむしろ, 蛭蓆, ヒルムシロ
Usually in kana
Potamogeton distinctus (species of pondweed)
藁筵, わらむしろ
Obscure term
straw mat
菰蓆, 薦筵, こもむしろ
Obscure term
mat of woven wild rice leaves
荒筵, 粗筵, あらむしろ
See 筵, Obscure term
loosely woven mat
ムシロップ, ガム・シロップ
gomme syrup, gum syrup
法の筵, のりのむしろ
See 法筵・ほうえん, Buddhist term
preaching place