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まだ, 未だ, いまだ
Adverb, Usually in kana
1. still, as yet, only
with verb in the negative
2. (not) yet
Only まだ
3. more, (more) still
4. at least, comparatively, relatively
5. unfinished, incomplete, not yet done
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See 科の木・しなのき, Obscure term
Japanese linden (Tilia japonica)
まだまだ, 未だ未だ
Adverb, See まだ・1, Usually in kana, more emphatic than まだ
1. still, much more, (not) yet
Expression, as 〜だ, 〜です, etc.
2. still a long way to go, still a long way off, not there yet
まだしも, 未だしも
Adverb, Usually in kana
rather, better
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it's not over yet, you haven't seen anything yet, it's not over until the fat lady sings, it's too soon to tell, we're not out of the woods
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まだ, 斑, もどろ
Usually in kana
1. spots, speckles, mottles
Only まだら, NA-adjective, May take 'no'
2. speckled, spotted
1. madame
2. large women's size (clothing)
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真竹, まだ, マダケ
Japanese timber bamboo (Phyllostachys bambsoides), giant timber bamboo, madake
魔弾, まだ
magic bullet, magic bullets
間代, まだ
room rent
广, 麻垂れ, まだ
kanji "dotted cliff" radical (radical 53)
まだ, 真鱈, マダラ
Usually in kana
Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus)
まだ, 真蛸, 真章魚, マダコ
Usually in kana
common octopus (Octopus vulgaris)
まだ, 未だき, 未き, 夙
Adverb, Usually in kana
a very short while ago, very early (e.g. in the morning)
abbr. of まるでダメなおっさん
totally hopeless old guy
まだるい, 間怠い, 間だるい
See 間だるっこしい・1, See 間怠っこい・1, Usually in kana
1. slow, tedious, sluggish, dull
See 間だるっこしい・2, See 間怠っこい・2
2. irritating
斑牛, まだらうし
brindled ox, spotted cow
まだらしみ, 斑紙魚, マダラシミ
Usually in kana
firebrat (species of bristletail, Thermobia domestica)
斑雪, まだらゆき, はだらゆき, はだれゆき, はつれゆき
lingering patches of snow, patches of unmelted snow, snow spots
まだら模様, 斑模様, まだらもよう
mottled pattern, patchy pattern
斑蜘蛛, まだらぐも
See 女郎蜘蛛, Obscure term
Nephila clavata (Oriental species of golden orb-weaving spider)
マダムキラー, マダム・キラー
ladykiller who seduces married women, handsome young man who is popular among married women
まだ, 真鯛, マダイ
Usually in kana
red sea bream (Pagrus major), Japanese sea bream, red tai, porgy
まだるっこい, 間怠っこい, 間だるっこい
See 間だるい・1, See 間だるっこしい・1, Usually in kana
1. slow, tedious, sluggish, dull
See 間だるい・2, See 間だるっこしい・2
2. irritating
まだらたるみ, 斑たるみ, 斑樽見, マダラタルミ
Usually in kana
black and white snapper (Macolor niger)
マダガスカル, 馬達加斯加
Usually in kana
まだらいるか, 斑海豚, マダライルカ
Usually in kana
pantropical spotted dolphin (Stenella attenuata)
まだるっこしい, 間だるっこしい
See 間だるい・1, See 間怠っこい・1, Usually in kana
1. slow, tedious, sluggish, dull
See 間だるい・2, See 間怠っこい・2
2. irritating
まだらごきぶり, 斑蜚蠊, マダラゴキブリ
Usually in kana
Rhabdoblatta guttigera (species of cockroach)
まだらちゅうひ, 斑沢鵟, マダラチュウヒ
Usually in kana
pied harrier (Circus melanoleucos)
マダガスカル語, マダガスカルご
Malagasy (language)
マダガスカル人, マダガスカルじん
Malagasy person
まだらとびエイ, 斑鳶エイ, 斑鳶えい, 斑鳶鱝, 斑鳶鱏, まだらとびえい, マダラトビエイ
Usually in kana
spotted eagle ray (Aetobatus narinari)
マダガスカルめんふくろう, マダガスカル面梟, マダガスカルメンフクロウ
Usually in kana
Madagascar red owl (Tyto soumagnei), Madagascar grass owl, Sourmange's owl