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まし, 増し, マシ
NA-adjective, Usually in kana, esp. マシ
1. better, preferable, less objectionable, least-worst
Noun, used as a suffix
2. more, increase, extra, growth
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麻紙, まし
hemp paper
ませ, まし
Auxiliary, See ます・1, Polite, following the imperative form of an honorific verb; used to make a polite request or demand
1. please
2. used to increase the politeness of a greeting
麻糸, 麻絲, あさいと, まし
hemp yarn, linen thread
, 猨, まし, まし
monkey (esp. the Japanese macaque, Macaca fuscata), ape, non-human primate
, なむち, なれ, まし
Pronoun, Archaism
copula, See である, See です, plain copula
1. be, is
Auxiliary verb, See た・1, た after certain verb forms; indicates past or completed action
2. did, (have) done
See た・2, indicates light imperative
3. please, do
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