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, ぼく
Pronoun, Male term
1. I, me
when addressing young boys
2. you
See しもべ
3. manservant
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, ぼく
historical term
regional governor in ancient China
, ぼく
Noun, used as a prefix, Noun, used as a suffix, See 墨西哥・メキシコ, Abbreviation
1. Mexico
See 墨家・ぼっか, Obscure term
2. Mohism
See 墨・すみ・1, Archaism
3. ink
See 墨刑・ぼっけい
4. tattooing
, ぼく
See 卜する, Archaism
1. divining, telling a fortune, predicting
2. choosing, settling, fixing
僕ら, 僕等, ぼく
Pronoun, Male term
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僕たち, 僕達, ぼくたち
Pronoun, Male term
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牧師, ぼく
May take 'no'
pastor, minister, clergyman, reverend
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牧場, ぼくじょう, まきば
1. farm (livestock), stock farm, ranch, station
2. pasture, meadow, grazing land
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牧野, ぼく
pasture land, ranch
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Sports term
1. boxer
2. boxer (dog breed)
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撲滅, ぼくめつ
Takes suru
eradication, extermination, destruction, suppression
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牧草, ぼくそう
pasture, grass
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僕婢, ぼく
male and female servants
墨画, ぼく
India-ink drawing
墨池, ぼく
inkstone well, inkhorn
牧地, ぼく
pasture or grazing land
墨譜, ぼく, はかせ
See 博士・はかせ・4
pitch and length marks (to accompany a Buddhist liturgical chant, etc.)
牧畜, ぼくちく
Takes suru
stock-farming, livestock farming, cattle breeding
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牧童, ぼくどう
herdboy, shepherd boy, young ranch hand, cowboy
卜者, ぼくしゃ
fortune teller, soothsayer, diviner
卜占, ぼくせん
augury, fortune-telling, divination
卜筮, ぼくぜい
fortunetelling, divination
墨堤, ぼくてい
banks of the Sumida river
木石, ぼくせき
1. trees and stones
2. unfeeling person
卜する, ぼくする
to tell (a person's) fortune, to divine, to fix, to choose
牧笛, ぼくてき
shepherds pipe
Computer terminology
ぼくはん, 朴伴, ボクハン
Usually in kana
Camellia japonica 'Bokuhan' (cultivar of common camellia)
墨魚, ぼくぎょ
See 烏賊・いか
cuttlefish, squid
ボクっ娘, ボクっ子, 僕っ娘, 僕っ子, ボクっこ, ぼくっこ
See オレっ娘, Manga slang
young woman who uses the first person pronoun "boku"
ぼくんち, 僕んち, 僕ん家, ボクンチ
See んち, Colloquialism, Usually in kana
my home
卜人, ぼくじん
fortune teller, diviner
墨書, ぼくしょ
Takes suru
writing in India ink
穆穆, 穆々, ぼくぼく
'taru' adjective, Adverb taking the 'to' particle, Archaism
peaceful and lovely, humble and dignified
木刀, ぼくとう, ぼくっとう, ぼく, きがたな
wooden sword