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ひどい, 酷い, 非道い
Usually in kana
1. cruel, heartless, hard, harsh, severe
2. violent, intense, strong, heavy, extreme
3. very bad, terrible, awful
See 酷く
4. excessive, exorbitant, unreasonable, outrageous, unfair, unjust
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ひどい風邪, 酷い風邪, ひどいかぜ
bad cold
ひどい仕打ち, 酷い仕打ち, ひどいしうち
Expression, See 仕打ち
cruel treatment, raw deal, kick in the pants
ひどい目にあう, ひどい目に遭う, 酷い目に遭う, 酷い目にあう, ひどい目に会う, 酷い目に会う, 酷い目に合う, ひどい目に合う, 酷い目に遇う, ひどいめにあう
Expression, Godan verb, See 目にあう・めにあう
to have a bad time, to go through a bitter experience, to get into trouble, to get hurt, to suffer
ひどい目にあわせる, ひどい目に遭わせる, 酷い目にあわせる, 酷い目に遭わせる, ひどいめにあわせる
Expression, Ichidan verb, See ひどい目にあう・ひどいめにあう
to bring someone to grief, to give someone hell
一息, ひとい
1. one breath
2. time of one breath
3. pause, break, rest, breather
as 一息に
4. (doing in) one go, doing without stopping
5. small amount of effort, a little more effort
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ひどい, 手酷い, てひどい
severe, harsh
一色, いっしょく, いっしき, ひとい
1. one color, one colour, one article, monochrome
2. same tendency, everyone being caught up in the same thing
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人いきれ, 人熱れ, ひといきれ
body heat from several people in close quarters, stuffy air