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ひとり, 一人, 1人, 独り, いちにん
esp. 一人, 1人
1. one person
Only ひとり, See 一人で
2. being alone, being by oneself
esp. 独り
3. being single, being unmarried
Adverb, Usually in kana, with neg. sentence
4. just, only, simply
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火取, ひとり
1. incense burner
2. utensil for carrying live charcoal
ケツ, ひとり
mosquito wriggler
一人旅, ひとり, 独り旅, ひとりたび
travelling alone, solitary journey
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一人一人, 1人1人, 一人ひとり, ひとりひとり, ひとりびとり
each (person), individually, one by one, one at a time, in turn
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一人暮らし, 1人暮らし, ひとり暮らし, 独り暮らし, 一人暮し, ひとり暮し, 独り暮し, ひとりぐらし
living by oneself, living alone
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一人ぼっち, 独りぼっち, 一人ぽっち, 独りぽっち, 独り法師, ひとりぼっち, ひとりぽっち
May take 'no'
aloneness, loneliness, solitude
一人息子, 1人息子, ひとり息子, ひとりむすこ
only son
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ひとりでに, 独りでに, 一人でに
Adverb, Usually in kana
by itself, automatically, naturally
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独り言, ひとり, 独りごと, 一人言, 一人ごと, ひとりごと
soliloquy, monologue, speaking to oneself
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一人で, 独りで, 1人で, ひとり
alone, by oneself, on one's own
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独り占め, ひとり占め, 一人占め, ひとりじめ
Takes suru
hogging, having all to oneself, monopolising, monopolizing
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一人っ子, ひとりっ子, 独りっ子, 一人子, ひとりっこ
(an) only child
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一人歩き, ひとり歩き, 独り歩き, ひとりあるき
Takes suru, Idiomatic expression
1. taking on a life of its own (of a rumour, etc.)
2. walking by oneself, talking a walk by oneself
3. walking unaided, being able to walk without help
4. standing on one's own feet, being independent, taking care of oneself
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独り立ち, 一人立ち, ひとり立ち, ひとりだち
Takes suru
being independent, standing on one's own, becoming independent
一人娘, 1人娘, ひとり, ひとりむすめ
only daughter
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一人寝, ひとり, 独り寝, ひとり
Takes suru
sleeping alone
ひとり, 一人子, 独り子, ひとり
See 一人っ子・ひとりっこ
(an) only child
独り身, 一人身, ひとり
Only 独り身, May take 'no', See 独身
1. bachelorhood, spinsterhood, celibacy, being single, unmarried person
2. living apart from one's family, living alone, person who lives alone
ひとり, 火取蛾, 灯蛾, ヒトリガ
Usually in kana
garden tiger moth (Arctia caja)
ひとり, 一人親, ひとりおや
single parent, one parent
一人当て, ひとりあて
per person
一人腹, ひとりばら
taking for granted, rash conclusion
一人用, ひとりよう
for one person's use
ひとり占い, 一人占い, 独り占い, ひとりうらない
divining one's own fortune
独り決め, ひとりぎめ
Takes suru
arbitrary decision, taking for granted
一人部屋, ひとり部屋, ひとりべや
single room, own room
独り言つ, ひとりごつ
Godan verb, Intransitive
to talk to oneself, to mutter
一人分, 1人分, ひとりぶん
one person's portion
一人きり, 独りきり, 一人切り, 独り切り, 1人きり, 1人切り, ひとりきり
Adverb, See 一人っきり
all on one's own
ひとり笑い, 独り笑い, ひとりわらい
Takes suru
1. laughing by oneself
See 春画, Obsolete term
2. erotic pictures, shunga
一人勝ち, 独り勝ち, ひとりがち
Takes suru
1. being the sole winner
May take 'no', NA-adjective
2. winner-take-all
一人負け, 独り負け, ひとりまけ
being the only loser, losing by oneself
一人舞, ひとりまい
dance performed by a single person
一人ずつ, 一人宛, ひとりずつ
one by one, one at a time, in turn