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一つ, 1つ, 一, ひとつ
1. one
often used in itemized lists
2. for one thing
after a noun
3. only
with a verb in negative form
4. (not) even
Adverbial noun
5. just (e.g. "just try it")
イチ, イツ, ひとつ
one (in documents)
ひとつがい, 一番, 一つがい, 1つがい
Usually in kana
pair, couple, brace
一つ一つ, 1つ1つ, 一つひとつ, ひとつひとつ
Adverb, May take 'no'
one-by-one, separately, in detail
一つ身, ひとつ
baby clothes
一つ目, ひとつ, ひとつ
May take 'no'
1. one-eyed
2. first (in a series), initial
一月, ひと月, ひとつ, いちげつ
one month
一粒, ひとつ
(a) grain, (a) drop, (a) bead
一つ家, ひとつ
1. one house, the same house
2. detached house
一突き, ひとつ
Takes suru
stab, thrust, lunge
一つ事, ひとつこと
the same thing
一つ書き, ひとつがき
an item, itemization, itemisation
一つ星, ひとつぼし
evening star, morning star
一つ置き, ひとつおき
alternate, every other one
一撮み, 一撮, 一摘み, ひとつまみ
1. pinch (of something), one piece
2. easy victory
一掴み, 一つかみ, ひとつかみ
一つずつ, 一つづつ, 一つ宛, ひとつずつ, ひとつづつ
Adverb, May take 'no', See ずつ
one by one, one each, one at a time
一つ穴, ひとつあな
1. same hole (in which to live)
2. gang, group
一つ釜, ひとつかま
one or the same pot, eating or living together
一つには, ひとつには
for one thing ...
一つ心, ひとつこころ
one mind, the whole heart, wholeheartedness
一つ置きに, ひとつおきに
Adverb, See 一つ置き
一つ話, ひとつばなし
anecdote, common talk
一粒選り, ひとつぶえり, ひとつぶより
careful selection
ひとつばたご, 一つ葉田子, 一つ葉たご, ヒトツバタゴ
Usually in kana
Chinese fringe tree (Chionanthus retusus)
一つ返事, ひとつへんじ
See 二つ返事, common mistake for 二つ返事
ready reply, quick answer
一つ二つ, 1つ2つ, ひとつふたつ
one or two, a few, small number
一つ覚え, ひとつおぼえ
the one thing that is well-remembered
ひとつばかえで, 一葉楓, ヒトツバカエデ
Usually in kana
lime-leaved maple (Acer distylum)
一つとっても, ひとつとっても
one example of (when there are more examples)
一つ着る物, ひとつきるもの
Expression, See 一帳羅・いっちょうら, Obscure term
one's only good set of clothes (suit, kimono, etc.)
一坪本社, ひとつぼほんしゃ
small company headquarters located in Tokyo simply for name value
一坪運動, ひとつぼうんどう
campaign to prevent a public construction work by acquiring a minuscule tract of land
一つ目滑車, ひとつめかっしゃ
イチ, イツ, ひとつ
number one
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