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, ひざ, ヒザ
1. knee
2. lap, knee and thigh (while sitting)
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日差し, 陽射し, 日射し, 陽差し, 日ざし, 陽ざし, 日差, 陽射, ひざ
sunlight, rays of the Sun
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ひざまずく, 跪く, ひざまづく
Godan verb, Intransitive, Usually in kana
to kneel
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膝元, 膝下, ひざ, 膝許, ひざもと, しっか
1. near one's knee
2. (by) one's side, (at) one's hand
3. place under the protection (of one's parents, etc.), (under) the care (of)
Only ひざもと, See お膝元・2
4. territory of a powerful person
Only しっか
5. address used after the names of one's parents, grandparents, etc. in a letter
火皿, ひざ
1. bowl (of a pipe)
2. fire grate, censer
3. flash pan (of a muzzle-loading gun), priming pan
ひざ掛け, 膝掛け, 膝かけ, ひざ, 膝掛, ひざかけ
lap blanket
膝詰め, ひざ詰め, 膝づめ, 膝詰, ひざづめ
May take 'no'
(sitting) knee-to-knee, face-to-face
膝蹴り, ひざ蹴り, 膝げり, ひざげり
knee strike, kneeing
膝丈, ひざ, ひざたけ
May take 'no'
knee-length (clothing)
膝下, ひざ, ひざした
below the knee
膝上, ひざうえ, しつじょう
above the knee
膝立ち, ひざだち
跪け, ひざまずけ
膝小僧, ひざこぞう
膝の皿, ひざのさら
ひざらがい, 膝皿貝, 火皿貝, 石鼈, 爺が背, じいがせ, ヒザラガイ
Usually in kana
1. chiton (any marine mollusk of the class Polyplacophora), sea cradle
2. Japanese chiton (Acanthopleura japonica)
膝をつく, 膝を突く, ひざをつく
Expression, Godan verb
to fall to one's knees, to go down on one's knees (e.g. to express respect)
膝隠し, ひざかくし
standing panel used in Kansai-area rakugo to hide the performer's legs from view, knee-hider
膝車, ひざぐるま
See 膝頭
1. kneecap
Martial arts term
2. knee wheel (judo)
膝を打つ, ひざを打つ, ひざをうつ
Expression, Godan verb
to express sudden recognition and being impressed, to slap one's knee
膝栗毛, ひざくりげ
travelling on foot, journeying on foot, hiking, riding on shank's pony
膝拍子, ひざびょうし
keeping time by tapping one's knees
膝を崩す, ひざをくずす
Expression, Godan verb
to sit at ease
膝が笑う, ひざがわらう
Expression, Godan verb, Idiomatic expression
to have one's knees be about to give way
膝カックン, 膝かっくん, ひざカックン, ひざかっくん, ヒザカックン
1. knee dislocation
2. making somebody's knees bend (by hitting them behind the knees with one's own knees)
ひざを交える, 膝を交える, ひざをまじえる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to be sitting with amicably, to be close to someone
膝を落とす, ひざを落とす, ひざをおとす
Expression, Godan verb
to drop to one's knees, to sink to one's knees
膝頭, 膝がしら, ひざがしら
日盛り, 日ざかり, ひざかり
high noon
膝を交えて, ひざをまじえて
intimately, sitting knee to knee
膝詰め談判, ひざづめだんぱん
direct negotiations, pressing a demand with a face-to-face talk
膝とも談合, ひざともだんごう
Expression, Proverb
two heads are better than one, consult even with your knees
膝枕, 膝まくら, ひざまくら
laying one's head in someone's lap
ケン, デン, ネン, ひがあらわ.れる, ひざ