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ばかり, 許り, 許, ばっかり, ばっか
Particle, Usually in kana
1. only, merely, nothing but, no more than
2. approximately, about
after the -ta form of a verb
3. just (finished, etc.)
See 言わんばかり・いわんばかり, after an attributive form or auxiliary verb ぬ(ん), also often …とばかり(に)
4. as if to, (as though) about to
often …とばかり(に)
5. indicates emphasis
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ばかり, 許りか
Particle, See 許りでなく, Usually in kana
not only
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ばかり, 許りに
Adverb, Usually in kana
1. (simply) because, on account of
See 許り・ばかり・4
2. as if to, (as though) about to
馬鹿律儀, ばかりちぎ
NA-adjective, yojijukugo
honest and straightforward to a fault
ばかりでなく, 許りでなく
Expression, Usually in kana
not only ... but (also), as well as ...
ばかりが能ではない, 許りが能ではない, ばかりがのうではない
Expression, Idiomatic expression, after verb
it is not everything to ...
芝刈り, 芝刈, しばかり
lawn mowing
ばかり, なばかり
May take 'no'
in name only, titular, nominal
ばかり, 皿秤, 盤秤, さらばかり
balance, scales
ばかり, 台秤, だいばかり
platform scales, weighing platform
ばかり, 口ばっかり, くちばかり, くちばっかり
all talk (and no action)
憚り, はばかり
1. hesitation
2. hindrance
3. washroom
ばかり, 然許り, 然ばかり
Adverb, Usually in kana
1. to that degree, that much
2. a lot, very much
日計り, ひばかり
See 日計り商い, Abbreviation
day trading
火計, ひばかり
pottery fired in Japan but made with Korean ingredients by Korean potters brought to Japan after the Japanese invasions of Korea
芝刈り機, 芝刈機, 芝刈り器, しばかり
こればかり, 此れ許り, 是許り, 此許り
Usually in kana
1. only this, this much
May take 'no'
2. this small amount (degree, extent)
as こればかりも with neg. verb
3. (not) in the slightest, (not) at all
水秤, みずばかり
a water level
いかばかり, 如何許
Adverb, Usually in kana
how much
形許, 形許り, かたばかり
for form's sake, a mere token
竿秤, 棹秤, さおばかり
beam balance, steelyard
そればかり, それ計り, 其許り, 其れ許り
Adverb, Usually in kana
that much, as much, to that extent, only that, that alone, no more than that
発条秤, ばね秤, ばねばかり
spring balance, spring scale, pull tension gauge
露許り, 露ばかり, つゆばかり
Adverb, May take 'no'
small amount, just a bit
杠秤, 扛秤, 杜斤, ちぎばかり, ちきり, ちぎり, ちぎ, ちき
large beam balance, weighbeam
輝くばかり, かがやくばかり
May take 'no'
天秤ばかり, てんびん秤, 天秤秤, てんびんばかり
balance scale
ばかり, 形許り, かたちばかり
token (effort), something done for form's sake
ばかり, 日計, 熇尾蛇, 竹根蛇, ヒバカリ
Usually in kana
Asian keelback (Amphiesma vibakari)
言わんばかり, いわんばかり
as if to say, as much as to say, as though
心許り, 心ばかり, こころばかり
token, a trifle
憚り様, はばかりさま, はばかりさん
thank you for your trouble, unfortunately ...
溢れんばかり, あふれんばかり
May take 'no'
overflowing, effusive, exuberant, bountiful