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鼻息, はない, びそく
1. nasal breathing, breathing through one's nose
Only はないき
2. person's pleasure, excitement
花板, はない
superior chef (Japanese cuisine)
はない, 花烏賊, ハナイカ
Usually in kana
paintpot cuttlefish (Metasepia tullbergi)
はないかだ, 花筏, ハナイカダ
Poetical term
1. floral raft, flower raft, flower petals fallen on water, resembling a raft
Usually in kana
2. Helwingia japonica (species of shrub)
3. oily perfume applied under white makeup
花入れ, 花入, はない
花色, はない
1. color of a flower (colour)
2. light indigo, light blue
花いちもんめ, 花一匁, はないちもんめ
See じゃん拳・じゃんけん
children's game in which two groups compete for members by playing janken
花生け, 花活け, はない
(flower) vase
鼻息が荒い, はないきがあらい
Expression, See 鼻息の荒い
1. imperious, proud
See 鼻息・はないき・1
2. heavy (nasal breathing)
鼻息の荒い, はないきのあらい
See 鼻息が荒い・1
imperious, proud
鼻息をうかがう, 鼻息を窺う, はないきをうかがう
Expression, Godan verb, See 鼻息・はないき・2
to sound out a person's feelings, to consult a person's pleasure
はない, では無い
Expression, Usually in kana
is not, am not, are not
はない, では無いか
Expression, Usually in kana
1. isn't it?
after volitional form of verb
2. let's ..., why don't we ..., how about we ..., shouldn't we ...
わけではない, 訳ではない, 訳では無い, わけでは無い
Expression, See 訳・わけ, Usually in kana
it does not mean that ..., I don't mean that ..., it is not the case that...
should not, must not
ということはない, と言うことはない
Expression, Usually in kana
it is not possible (to, that), there is no such thing as
しないのではない, ないのではない
I think (something) won't (something), probably (something) isn't (something)
ことはない, 事はない, ことは無い, 事は無い
Expression, Usually in kana
1. there is no need to ...
2. never happens, there is never a time when
はない, 様は無い, ざまはない
indecent, shameful, unsightly, pathetic
どころではない, 所ではない, 処ではない
Expression, Suffix, See 所じゃない・どころじゃない, Usually in kana, used to strongly dismiss something as being far removed from what is true or appropriate
not the time for, not the place for, far from, anything but, ... is out of the question, ... isn't the word for it
無理はない, むりはない
Expression, oft. as 〜のも無理はない
natural, understandable, reasonable, no wonder
勝ち目はない, 勝ち目は無い, かちめはない
Expression, See 勝ち目
to have no chance (of succeeding)
タダ飯はない, ただ飯はない, タダめしはない, ただめしはない
there's no such thing as a free lunch
やぶさかではない, 吝かではない, 吝かでは無い
Expression, See 吝かでない, Usually in kana
ready (to do), willing
物の数ではない, ものの数ではない, もののかずではない
nothing special, nothing significant, not a problem
出る幕ではない, でるまくではない
Expression, Idiomatic expression
it is none of one's business, it is not one's place to say (do) something
ほどのことはない, ほどの事はない, ほどのことは無い, 程のことはない
Expression, Usually in kana
not worth (getting angry about, etc.)
男に二言はない, 男に二言は無い, おとこににごんはない
Expression, See 二言・にごん・1, Proverb
a man's word is his bond, a man does not go back on what he's said
命に別状はない, 命に別条はない, いのちにべつじょうはない
Expression, See 別状
(one's) life is not in danger, not life-threatening
何のことはない, 何の事はない, 何のことは無い, 何の事は無い, なんのことはない
trivial, not amounting to much, not enough to cause a problem, not as much as expected
他に方法はない, ほかに方法はない, 他に方法は無い, ほかにほうほうはない
Expression, See 他に方法がない・ほかにほうほうがない
there's no other way, there are no other options, there are no alternative means
ないものはない, 無い物は無い, 無いものは無い, ない物はない
Expression, Usually in kana
1. there's nothing that doesn't exist, there's nothing we (I, he, she, etc.) don't have
See 無い・1, emphatic form of 無い
2. nonexistent, not in one's possession
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